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  • Clio/Cleo Seraphine

    38 70.37%
  • Story Seraphine

    16 29.63%
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    cristinamariane Guest
    I'm changing my vote - I now like Story better.

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    I usually don't like alliteration much, but I find myself actually really fond of the combo Story Seraphine, and that's what I voted for.

    I like Story more with Ever - I don't think they're too matchy, they don't have the same sounds and syllables, but they are both whimsical, and still feel like they have some weight behind them, they aren't just air. They don't necessarily feel like names you'd find in a fairy tale, but they make you think of children sitting around a fireplace or in a secret attic and reading from a big heavy old book, and I like that image.

    Clio doesn't give me the same feeling at all. I know it's ancient, but it gives a golden hippie sun-child feeling, kind of regal but also kind of psychadelic, but no whimsy or lightness as with Story and Ever. It makes me think of intoxicating perfumes.

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    Cleo Seraphine works best with Ever I think.
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    Adoring Cleo Seraphine!!
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    Cleo Seraphina is gorgeous. I don't like Story with Ever, its too themey. Ever is so pretty, i don't really think Story does it justice.
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