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Thread: Nora or Violet

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    Nora or Violet

    We've narrowed our list down to Nora and Violet for the FN. We'd like to use J as the first initial for the middle name in honor of a family member. I'm concerned about her getting teased for the initials VJ (last name starts with S), so I'm thinking we should use a different MN if we go with Violet. Opinions on the names and whether or not you think VJ is a bad idea? Thanks!

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    I like Norah (spelled like this) Violet

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    I adore Nora -- is it on my favorites list -- so that makes it easy.

    If you love Violet, however, I think her being teased about VJ is very far-fetched. Do you mean VJ -- as in Victory over Japan? How many kindergarteners are on to that? Maybe I'm just not picking up on what you fear, but I think the initials VJ are pretty safe. I had a nephew whose first and middle gave him the initials TD. My mom wrote a whole story in her head that the kids at school would call him Touch Down. (This was seen as a good thing.) It was a cute fantasy, but it never came to pass. I don't think he was called TD, let alone Touch Down, once in his life.

    If you are still concerned about VJ and still liking Violet, have you brainstormed about how you could honor the same relative by using another name? Last names are good in the middle. Also you can think about nicknames and names out of the same family of names -- such as using Maisie to honor an Aunt Margaret, etc.

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    I love both names! I am a little more partial to Norah. Norah Jane is gorgeous.

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    I'm not really sure what's tease worthy about VJ...the only concern I'd have with a J middle name is BJ once she reaches her teenage years, but even so, if it's a middle name it's less of a concern. What J name were you thinking of? Violet and Nora are both relatively equal on my scale, but Violet Jemima sounds better, as does Nora with Jane.
    In general, however, I tend to stray towards Nora, because Violet is just so popular.
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