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Thread: Could I be?

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    Yes I definitely agree with Sarahmezz. Get to your doctor and ask for a blood test to check your hcg levels. If it comes back under 5 then you'll know for sure it's negative. Above 25 indicates you are pregnant. In between those numbers is inconclusive. (I only know this because mine just came back at 24 yesterday). You poor thing, 25 days is so long to wait. It will be good if you can get some answers.
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    If your period is already 25 days late, I doubt it'd be implantation cramps.

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    31 days late. I was suppose to start 4 days ago. Still random cramps here and there. My doctor tells me to wait til after this week, if still no period then to schedule an appointment and she will do an blood test/ultra sound for me. Wish i could just get this period over and done with if it is going to come around. Getting fidgety here.
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    Also, if you were pregnant, and your body had delayed ovulation due to change in BC, you might not get a positive test until much later, as you would have conceived later.
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    So ladies, good news and bad news for me.
    I got my period over the weekend! Wasn't the answer we wanted but, at least it's an answer.
    This is rough. Probably going to be dealing with this for a whole 2 weeks or more to make up for missing last months too.
    It's probably for the best though. Due to the government shutdown my husband and I are possibly out of jobs next month. Just more bad news after bad news. I'll post again someday. Hopefully with some better news. Good luck to you all. Thanks for all the advice. It has been a learning experience. Still not giving up though.

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