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Thread: Could I be?

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    Completely understood.
    The stories are definitely not annoying. I am dreading getting this upcoming possible period.
    I have taken several bc types, only because my period is Hell and it took a lot to finally get the right one for me. It is just completely weird for coming off this one and not menstruating right away. I was judging on so many past experiences I have had. I agree that it would be highly unlikely for me to get pg so quickly after stopping the pill. Oh, and my mother did warn me about your body not being completely ready for a baby so the first could be miscarriage.
    21 days late. I haven't taken any tests yet, not til later next week. It's no fun sitting here not knowing. Wishing my body would make up it's mind. If I am not, hurry up and get this horrible period that is yet to come over with! It isn't the end of the world, there is plenty of time to keep trying. If I am, would be nice to know, for preparation reasons.

    Thank you so much again for the replies. The feedback does help. Whether it is negative or positive. (The part that annoyed me was when one of you told me straight up that I am not. Rather than saying it properly "You are probably not." But you clarified. Only sign pointing me to a negative are 12 pregnancy tests.) I guess that's 12 signs....crap.
    I will keep posted on what it ends up being if anyone cares to know

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    I'm glad you sound like you feel a little better about our replies. I don't think anyone on these boards would mean to upset you. And I hate to say it but your mom seems to be right about that last point about babies after birth control - I know a LOT of women, myself included, who had a miscarriage with their first pregnancy after getting off the pill. One of my doctor's mused about it as well because she's seen it happen so much too. There's no hard data to support that at this point, nothing showing that being on the pill increases risk of miscarriage, but there definitely seems to be a lot of anecdotal evidence for it.
    But one other thing to keep in mind - everyone I know who miscarried the first, went on to have a perfect, healthy baby the second time around (well, I'm almost there as I'm almost at 30 weeks now w/our baby girl). So maybe it's just our body's way of figuring things out and getting back on track? Good luck and definitely keep us posted, I will be checking in to see where your path goes! I know it's hard (really hard) but try to be patient with your body, all those hormones can take awhile to flush out. And take good care of yourself - and if you're not already, get taking those pre-natal vitamins so that you're all set to go once things do get on track (and it's even more important if you were to turn up preggo already!).

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    Yes ma'am! Congrats on the upcoming one!
    I am already taking the prenatal vitamins, the doctor told me "TAKE THEM NOW!" So as soon as I left the doctor I stopped at the store.

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    25 days of no period. Took a test yesterday morning - Negative. Getting very light random crampy feelings. Possible period upcoming? Or according to a few I spoke with recently - Implantation? They have high hopes that I am. So they are trying to keep my hopes up. Haha!

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    Have you been back to see your doctor? If your period is very late you should probably go for a chat just in case something is up.
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