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    What was your child's first solid foods?

    We talk lots about when to introduce solids and what's appropriate, but I'm just curious: What was the first "big people" food your LO's got a taste of? Whether a cereal, baby mush, or "real" food, what did they get? And what was their earliest favorite?

    *please keep this free from debate. I'm just looking for individual experiences.
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    We started with pureed apple, and it was an immediate success! We're big fans of the puree, we boil and puree fruits and veg once a week, freeze them in cubes and it's super easy to prepare wholesome organic meals for her.
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    I'm not a momma, but my nephew lived with us during the time he ate his first solids and I was his main caregiver.
    He went from formula to cereal/oatmeal to jarred food.

    Some of the first real foods I gave him were:

    Sweet Potatoes
    Beef Stew
    Pasta & Sauce

    He LOVED cheerios. From picking them up to the crunch he couldn't get enough of them. Another favorite of his was the stewed beef I made.
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    She had pumpkin first. It was Thanksgiving, so I wanted to feed her something seasonally appropriate. Plus, I had pumpkin puree left over from making mini pumpkin cheesecakes LOL!
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    We just gave our son regular people food, starting at around six months. The first thing we gave him was an avocado. He loved it!

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