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Thread: Could I be?

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    Well glad you have your answer. Don't expect to be back to a regular cycle right away, you will probably have a few sporadic months before you will be able to tell when you'll be most fertile. Sorry to hear about your hubs' job situation. My guy is on government contracts all the time too here in Canada so there's always a chance his contract won't be renewed or whatever - so we go through a bit of a panic at least once or twice a year.
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    Sorry you didn't get the answer you were hoping for. I know how it feels, the same thing happened to me after I went off BC. I didn't test right away though, because I had just gone off BC and I have a history of irregular periods anyway. But, I was having other pregnancy-like symptoms, so my DH and I felt pretty sure. We decided to wait until Christmas Eve to do the test, we thought it would be special, but then my period started the night before and it was awful! So heavy and painful. The only time it's been worse was my first period after my daughter was born. It took us a whole year after I stopped taking the pill to conceive her, so hang in there. It'll happen for you in its own time. I got pregnant the month I had the least hope that I would.
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