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    Carmel and Carmen have been two names I've loved since forever!
    I had never really made the Catholic-association, though the names do make me think of Spain, Italy, and even South America

    Carmel is a lovely name OP, best of luck!

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    I am Catholic and I didn't see the religious association. I would think of the city (I am from California) and Caramel.
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    Well I am not super religious but I am Catholic. I still would not considerate to be a Catholic name. I like Carmel. Plus with all the other bibilcal names out there even if it related no one will think that right off the bat compared to Jude, Josiah, Solomon. Plus it is not even on NB's biblical baby list.

    I like the meaning and I like the name as well. Plus it would sound sweet next to Mila.
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    Love it! There is a reporter here in south Florida named Carmel Cafiero. She's been on the air for as long as I can remember so the name is normal to me.

    I definitely know the Christian connection because of Mt Carmel but I didn't know of it being majorly tied to Catholicism specifically

    I think people are getting the caramel association because they're pronouncing it wrong. It's car-MEL, not car-mull or cair-mell

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    I grew up catholic and I don't consider it to be religious name (I'm not practicing anymore though).
    I do however strongly associate it with Caramel... This is all i see when I see this name

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