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    2. Lost and Maybe Dead

    Hello everyone! I've been working on a story for a while, and have a great plotline and good characters, but need names that fit. The story is set in modern days, in upstate New York, so not the city. It's about an orphan who has no recollection of society, suddenly introduced to it. It may sound overly common, but trust me, I've got a pretty good plot twist.

    I need names for 3 of the characters; the protagonist, one of the minor antagonists, and the protagonist's best friend.

    The protagonist is a girl, an orphan, and pretty much feral. She knows the English language and basic social skills, but doesn't know how she learned them. In the beginning, she doesn't even know her own name, so she gives herself one. This is why it has to be something nature-y or very creative, nothing humanistic or common, like Mary, Sara, Susannah, Amy, etc. Also, nothing that starts with an F, because she has a counterpart/love interest named Felix that is introduced later on.

    She is 15, very snappy and witty, untrusting due to her feral nature, and has a huge problem with manners, as well as a bad attitude towards others. She is, however, very intelligent and secretly very artistic. She has long, white-blonde hair and pale blue eyes. I thought of Vixen, but decided against it.

    The second character that needs a name is a minor antagonist. She is the typical mean girl, head cheerleader, etc. This girl's name can't start with the same letter or have the same sound as the protagonist's name. She is pretty, but not gorgeous. Something very girly would do well, but nothing with flowers. She has short auburn hair and indigo eyes. Her name also can't start with the letter F. Maybe something like Alexa, my original choice, but that just sounds too nice to me.

    The third character is also a girl, one of the protagonist's friends. She is very shy, with light brown, curly hair and gray eyes. I was thinking of a nature name, and had considered Briar, but I sort of stole that from a friend. It could also be something to do with the color of her eyes, since it is unusual to have gray eyes. I really like Stormy, as it relates both nature and the color gray, but it sounds a bit too rambunctious to me for such a shy girl.

    If you have any suggestions, please post below. Thanks!

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    protagonist: Lark.
    antagonist: Kerry, Olivia, Joanna, Christina
    Shygirl: Midge, Imogen

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    We have rules for this board now, if you want help could you fill out one of the forms stickied at the top of the forum? It'd make it far easier for everyone to answer your question. Thanks!

    ★ August Eli Benedict ★ Bram ★ Casimir Mordecai ★ Edmond John Meirion ★ Gillon ★
    ★ Jory Leander ★ Julian Charles ★ Macsen ★ Magnus ★ Vasiliy ★


    ★ Aira Rose ★ Arietta ★ Clover ★ Delphina ★ Eleni ★ Fiorella ★ Hester Isobel ★
    ★ Iris ★ Lilah ★ Merit ★ Sylvia ★

    Sorry to anyone who read TSI. First draft was terrible. Second drafting now.

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    OK, I will.

    Thanks! I think Lark is a great name! I also like Kerry and Christina. Midge is cute, but Imogen isn't really what I'm looking for. Thanks a bunch!

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