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    Midwestern USA
    If right now, you were to give birth, what'd you name your...

    Boy? Crispin James
    Girl? Averil Brooke

    Girl, girl twins? Carys Averil & Tatum Eleanor
    Boy,boy twins? Crispin Elliott & Donovan James
    Girl, boy twins? Crispin James & Carys Averil

    Girl, girl, girl triplets? Averil Brooke, Anais Eleanor, & Adair Lucille
    Boy, boy, boy triplets? Crispin Elliott, Cameron James, & Carsten Hugh
    Girl, girl, boy triplets? Averil Brooke, Carys Eleanor, & Crispin James
    Boy, boy, girl triplets? Crispin Elliott, Donovan James, & Tatum Eleanor

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    Southeastern USA
    Boy? Silas Finnegan
    Girl? Sylvie Pearl

    Girl, girl twins? Sylvie Pearl & Viveca Irie
    Boy,boy twins? Silas Finnegan & Lionel Desmond
    Girl, boy twins? Silas Finnegan & Viveca Pearl

    Girl, girl, girl triplets? Sylvie Pearl, Viveca Irie, & Gloria Sky
    Boy, boy, boy triplets? Silas Finnegan, Lionel Desmond, & Elliot Xavier
    Girl, girl, boy triplets? Viveca Irie, Gloria Pearl, & Silas Finnegan
    Boy, boy, girl triplets? Silas Finnegan, Lionel Desmond, & Viveca Pearl



    {Momma of Fiona Ryann & Michael Quentin & Sylvie Marion}

    Eulalie, Viveca, Gloria, Rosalie, Leila, Annabel, Irie, Daisy, Xaviera, Maeve
    Silas, Finnegan, Desmond, Ezra, Cedric, Felix, Lionel, Lazarus, Kai, Xavier


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    Boy? Dean Robert
    Girl? Isla Josephine

    Girl, girl twins? Isla Josephine and Lotte Alexandria
    Boy,boy twins? Dean Robert and Wes Daniel
    Girl, boy twins? Isla Josephine and Dean Robert

    Girl, girl, girl triplets? Isla Josephine, Lotte Alexandria, Kendall Reau
    Boy, boy, boy triplets? Dean Robert, Wes Daniel, Tyler Ford
    Girl, girl, boy triplets? Isla Josephine, Lotte Alexandria, Dean Robert
    Boy, boy, girl triplets? Dean Robert, Wes Daniel, Isla Josephine
    Lily Elizabeth/Chase Steven/Zack Francis/Drew Daniel

    Girls: Isla~Kendall~Maeve~Henley~Harlow~Neva~Reau~Sloane~ Bristol~

    Boys: Knox~Gavin~Finn~Hayes~Theo~Miles~Kai~Sawyer~Bodhi~

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    I know someone named Tyler Ford. It's a nice name.

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    Boy? Abbott Lionel Paul
    Girl? Laurel Constantine

    Girl, girl twins? Alexandra Poet and Philipa Selene
    Boy,boy twins? Leo Henry and Viggo Thomas
    Girl, boy twins? Abbott Lionel Paul and Alexandra Poet

    Girl, girl, girl triplets? Laurel Constantine, Johanna Christine, & Alexandra Poet
    Boy, boy, boy triplets? Roman Alexander, Julian Phillip, & Viggo Thomas
    Girl, girl, boy triplets? Laurel Constantine, Johanna Christine, & Roman Alexander
    Boy, boy, girl triplets? Roman Alexander, Julian Phillip & Laurel Constantine

    Current Favorites
    August - Daniel - Erik - Heath - Leo - Ronan
    Eliza - Eve - Johanna - Lana - Matilda - Zanna

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