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    If right now, you were to give birth, what'd you name your...

    Boy? Crispin James
    Girl? Averil Brooke

    Girl, girl twins? Carys Averil & Tatum Eleanor
    Boy,boy twins? Crispin Elliott & Donovan James
    Girl, boy twins? Crispin James & Carys Averil

    Girl, girl, girl triplets? Averil Brooke, Anais Eleanor, & Adair Lucille
    Boy, boy, boy triplets? Crispin Elliott, Cameron James, & Carsten Hugh
    Girl, girl, boy triplets? Averil Brooke, Carys Eleanor, & Crispin James
    Boy, boy, girl triplets? Crispin Elliott, Donovan James, & Tatum Eleanor

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