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Thread: Middles?$3

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    The thing is, I absolutely hate finding middles. I have lists of names I would love middles for... Just for fun, writing purposes, and I do know about 3 or 4 people I know who are pregnant (one may be having quints, and I'm way excited for that!) I do have some particular combinations that I simply adore... But the rest of the names on my "future children list, have no middles.

    The combos I have so far are:
    Foster Grey (boy)
    Orlando Jack
    Harlow Kate
    Foster Belle (for a girl)

    So, berries, could you help me by maybe listing one or two of your favourite first/middle combonations for some (or each if you're up to it) of the names?

    A Few Favourite Gal Firsts:
    -Anastasia (nn Anna or Stassie)
    -Evangeline (nn Evie (eh-vee))
    -Beatrice (nn Bee)
    -Sophie/Sophia (nn Phia)
    -Harriett (nn Hattie)


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    Ignore the $3 in the title, I'm using my mobile phone.

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    Also, if you just have any awesome combos, you could say those.

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    ~Love names, literature, royals and horses~ <3

    Favourite names:
    Girls: Azalea, Cordelia, Elizabeth, Rosalind, Scarlett, Felicity, Juliet
    Boys: Fitzwilliam, Sebastian, Percival, Oliver, Darcy, Orlando

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    I love Sophia Harper! Penelope Astrid, Beatrice Violet, and Evangiline Kaia are runners-up. Although I think I'd change the order on the last, and do Kaia Evangiline.

    Oliver Hugo is my favourite hands-down with the boys.

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