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    I think Etta Mae is adorable! So unique and fresh. It seems like a pretty intuitive name to pronounce, as well. And at 15 months... Well, she knows her name, right? I think it would be hard to change her name at this point, especially when everyone else knows her name is Etta Mae.

    I also agree that mispronunciation is common. My name is Lindsay (pronounced: lind-zee) and, even as a pretty common name, a lot of people have managed to mispronounce it. I've been called Lisa, Lesley, Lined-say, Lin-say, etc. So, unless you choose the names Jane, Mary or Sarah, mispronunciation is a factor.

    It does sound like you don't really like Etta, though. A bigger question to ask yourself may be: why? And why change the name at this point? Is it really because you are afraid your daughter may hate it someday (which you have no way of knowing, she may love it)? Or is this name stuff masking deeper/other anxieties?

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    You definitely shouldn't change her name. Fifteen months is too old. She well and truly knows her name by now. Etta is a nice name.
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    So, it sounds like the issues you have with the name are:

    1.) People mispronounce it
    2.) You feel as though people don't like it, therefore...
    3.) You are worried that your daughter won't like it some day

    Can I ask why you think people don't like it? Is it a much more unique name than the other names of children in your family/social circle? Do you feel like a bit of an outsider for having a more unique name?

    Really, there's nothing bad about this name at all. Stylistically, it's nearly the same name as Emma, a very popular and well-loved name—it just has a different letter in the two middle spots. It's a charming name, a beautiful combo, and there's really no good reason why anyone shouldn't like it. And the mispronunciation? Come on! Etta James, anyone? It's not like this name is unheard of, or even remotely difficult or unintuitive to pronounce.

    Do you feel like it's missing something, perhaps? My only issue with shorter, two-syllable names like this are that they're, well, short. I tend to prefer longer names that I can whittle down to a cute nickname, but that's just me.

    What about adding a second middle name? This could solve the issue of feeling like the name is lacking something (if you do feel that way) AND if your worst fear comes true that your daughter ends up hating her name someday (which I really cannot imagine that she would), she can go by a middle name. Not that she couldn't go by Mae if she wanted, but a second middle would give another option AND allow you to stick in a name that you truly love to her already beautiful name (that you're unfortunately so unsure of). Since Mae is unobtrusive, I think a second middle would be a great idea.

    Are there any names you have in mind that you really love?
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    What about trying out a name that could be easily shortened to Etta for a while and see how you like it?
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    It's lovely. I thought of Etta James right away. Great namesake, a very talented Jazz singer (look up "Etta James - A Sunday Kind of Love" on youtube). I love the name, it was very common in the 1800s - and though its much less common now, it's not like its spelled or pronounced crazy or anything. Its not that far off from Emma or Ella, and everyone knows how to pronounce those. Although its more unusual its just as pretty - to me it's smokier & sexier, but that's probably because of the association in my mind with the musician.

    I think you made a beautiful choice with Etta Mae, and I definitely don't think you should change it.
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