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    Should I change my daughter's name?

    I have a 15 month old daughter named Etta Mae. She goes by Etta. I have had a hard time really embracing this name and have expressed my concern to my husband and family members. In the beginning, no one took me very seriously. They told me I was hormonal. Well, here I am 15 months later and still questioning her name. People mispronounce it often and I can tell most people don't like it when I tell them her name. My husband still thinks I'm crazy for wanting to change it. Not sure what to change it to. I just fear she will grow up and hate her name and I'lll always regret naming her Etta. Any advice?

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    At 15 months old she knows her name, but if you really feel that strongly about it, change it-and do it soon!
    However, I wouldn't go with Mary June....
    If you like Mary then I would use Mary Etta Mae or Mary Etta June, Mary Mae or Mary June Etta so at least part of her original name is still in there...after all this time it has to have some sort of sentimental value, no?
    Good luck!

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    Don't change it! I Etta Mae is a truely beautiful combination. It's also unique; I've not once met an Etta. It's pretty, and it works. It's not overboard with classic names or the spellings, they're simple and sweet.

    Mispronunciation is common. I know an Evie who's name is pronounced "eh-vee" and one pronounced "ee-vee," so it also may be just that they think of it as pronounced the one way. My name is commonly misspelled, but something like Etta, once said, will not have that problem.

    If you really feel so strongly against it, try calling her by a nickname- Mae, for example- until she grows into Etta. And if she really hates it as she grows, she'll probably ask to go by something else.

    I think Etta should stay. It's gorgeous.

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    I love Etta. I have only met one. A cousin-in-law and I really like it. Mae, Em, Emmy, Ettie, Etta Mae all work as obvious alternatives that you could use now or she could choose later.

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    I think it's a great name. I agree with the other posters. It's classic but uncommon. If you really can't live with it then I think you should just add a first name and leave it as a middle rather than scrap it altogether.

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