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    Hawthorne of for an AFL loving Aussie?

    Ok so we live in Melbourne and we are massive Hawthorn supporters, DH has constantly brought up both Hawthorn and Hawk if we have a boy but have always thought it would be to weird if we actually use it. But Hawthorne (only spelt with the e) is really growing on me lately, i would never use it as a first name but sounds really dashing in the middle spot.

    So do you think Hawthorne would be accepted if we used it in the middle spot, would it make us seem to obsessed with the football team? Would love some opinions
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    I think Hawthorne a perfectly accepted name, albeit unusual, and people who aren't familiar with football probably won't make the connection. I also agree that it is incredibly dashing for a MN (weird, I think of it as 'clunky' for a FN), and since it would be in the MN spot, not too many people are even going to know it.

    P.S. Did I forget to mention that I love this name? 'Cause I do : )
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    From the US, I don't know what Hawthorne has to do w/football (soccer?), but it makes a great name!

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    One of the teams in the Australian Football League (AFL) is the Hawthorn Hawks, which is also the team we go for. Its also a suburb here in Melbourne. Its a very common football team, and most would have heard of them.

    Ok I guess it isn't crazy for a middle name, now to just fit it into a combo
    Willa Clementine Frost, born July 2011
    unknown bean, arriving November 2013

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    Great middle name! As long as the first name doesn't also begin with H I think it would work. Good luck!

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