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Thread: middle name?

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    middle name?

    So I cant decide on a middle name. The first name is going to be Lila pronounced lie-la. For a middle name I like Holly and Helena pronounced like huh-lay-na. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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    I prefer Layla Helena (Helen-uh). Layla, because it sounds prettier to me and because of my favorite Eric Clapton song; Helena sounds lovely with the original (Helen-uh) pronunciation. Layla Helena...gorgeous!

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    I think I like Lila Helena's a lot of L, but it flows prettily.

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    Lila is one of my favourite names! !
    Holly and Helena are both nice names, however the 'l' sound in both names sounds a bit repetitive.
    Some other ideas:
    Lila Eve
    Lila Maeve
    Lila Audrey
    Lila Margaret
    Lila Claire
    Lila Susannah

    Some 'have an l' middles that seem to flow:
    Lila Adeline
    Lila Scarlett
    Lila Charlotte
    [ Mae Evelyn ] Lila Eve [ Indie Eliza ] Ella Xanthe [ Iris Abigail ] Ada Violet [ Evelina Claire ] Nora Adeline [ Millie Adelaide ] Liora Tess

    [ Benjamin Archer ] Liam Harvey [ Owen Evander ] Jonah Matthew [ Reid Joshua ] Ronan Isaac [ Jack Ezra ] Levi William [ River Jude ]

    Octavia Edith [ Georgia Aveline ] Elina Meadow [ Gwen Amelia ] Miranda Cleo [ Liana Wren ]

    Everett Jesse [ Elijah Ash ] Nathan Levi [ Hugo Emmett ]

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