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    I think Mirabella Plum would be marvelous. It's because I'm most familiar with the Mirabelle plum variety of the fruit. I also think it's French name, Mirabelle Prune, would be absolutely darling if English speakers could get over the 'prune' in Prune.
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    These have already been suggested, but I love:
    Araminta Plum
    Aurelia Plum
    Cordelia Plum
    Esmerelda Plum

    Definitely no word or tree/nature names with Plum for a middle.

    More suggestions:
    Callista Plum
    Ursula Plum
    Anastasia Plum
    Silvia Plum

    Something 3-4 syllables & fairly frilly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by boogabay View Post
    I was unsure... And if there was a child named Victoria Plum, would you think of the type of plum?
    This is the name of a bathroom supplier over here, so it would depend where you live.

    I think because Plum is one syllable you need a longer first name to balance it out. So basically I agree with everyone else, lol.

    Madeleine Plum
    Isabella Plum
    Valentina Plum


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    There is a blogger with a daughter names Mila Plum. I think it sounds nice

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    I love it! It's really cute! And I agree with the others maybe something longer and more traditional, I'm sure there are endless variety of choices!

    Avriana Plum
    Evangeline Plum

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