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    That's how I feel. And I had thought of Matilda originally when I first heard it.

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    I've also heard Imogene Plum somewhere, but I'm not sure I like Imogene.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nono View Post
    I'm not usually one for very frilly names, but for some reason I'm drawn to them with Plum.
    Me too. Also love suggestions Astoria Plum and Matilda Plum.

    Aurelia Plum
    Charlotte Plum
    Aurora Plum
    Beatrice Plum
    Adelaide Plum
    Annabelle Plum
    Delphine Plum
    Victoria Plum
    Tatiana Plum
    Natalie Plum
    Araminta Plum
    Calliope Plum
    Cassandra Plum
    Esmerelda Plum
    Evanora Plum
    Imogen Plum
    Lorelei Plum
    Melody Plum

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    I like it! I'd pair it with something longer and maybe more traditional, and definitely avoid other word names (Violet Plum sounds silly.)

    Josephine Plum
    Olivia Plum
    Evangeline Plum
    Cordelia Plum
    Gwendolyn Plum
    Helena Plum
    Victoria Plum
    Margaret Plum
    Eleanor Plum
    Lydia Plum
    Fiona Plum
    Sybilla Plum
    Lorelei Plum
    Alexandra Plum
    Arabella Plum

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    I thought of Victoria Plum, but that's a type of plum, isn't it?

    I was unsure... And if there was a child named Victoria Plum, would you think of the type of plum?

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