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    Middle Name Plum?

    I think (and maybe I'm crazy) but I love the Plum, although I'd only ever use it as a middle.

    So, simply out off curiosity, what names do you think would sound good with Plum as the middle?

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    I'm really not a fan, so none.

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    Well, I do not care if you're not a fan... Don't post if you hate it.

    I'm not thinking I'm ever going to use it, I simply found it pretty, in its own unique little way.

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    I really like Plum in the middle! Frank Zappa's infamously named daughter Moon Unit has a daughter named Mathilda Plum, so Matilda comes to mind right away for me. There's also a blogger with a Nona Plum, so that comes to mind as well.

    Allegra Plum
    Evelyn Plum
    Marielle Plum
    Coralie Plum
    Astoria Plum
    Julitta Plum
    Winslow Plum
    Vera Plum
    Aveline Plum
    Greta Plum
    Willa Plum
    Sylvie Plum
    Genevieve Plum
    Rosana Plum
    Zena Plum
    Daphne Plum
    Susannah Plum
    Aloisia Plum

    I'm not usually one for very frilly names, but for some reason I'm drawn to them with Plum.

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