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    GIRL names. BOY nick names. Thoughts???

    Just wondering what everyone thinks on this topic!? I personally love it! I have two girls with pretty feminine names (Juliet and Penelope) but we call them Jet and Poppy- Though these aren't exactly boys names, lol, I love the idea of incorporating a unisex vibe for my 3rd due in December!

    Here are some I like and I'd LOVE some suggestions for others! I tend to like classic pretty names for the full name but I am open-minded

    Thank you!

    What I have come up with:

    Josephine (Joey)
    Erica (Ricki) Ricki seems to work for Rachel also?
    Stephanie (Stevie)
    Charlotte (Charlie)
    Frances (Frankie)
    Michelle (Micki or Mitchi?) I like Micky for Mc names also
    Alexandra (Alex)
    Belinda (Billie)

    Though not all of these are favorites of mine, I wanted to throw out the ones I thought of so far! I'm hoping some of you nameberries have some that I will just fall in love with


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    Oh, I also like Samantha (Sam)

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    Girl names/boy nicknames is a huge GP of mine. My favorite is Leora/Liora nn Leo. From your list my favorites are Belinda/Billie and Josephine/Joey. I don't think any of them really go with Penelope and Juliet, though. I also like the idea of Mickey but not so much Michelle.
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    I love unisex/boy names on girls!

    Caroline (is a form of Charles - Charlie or Oli/Ollie)
    Olivia (Ollie)
    Alexa (Alex)
    Elizabeth/Eliza (Eli)
    August/Augusta (Gus/Gussie)

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