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    Naming after Family

    Today I spoke to my Grandma about my family tree, her first husband and my grandfather died when my dad was ten years old, and she emmigrated to Australia forty odd years ago. I have always thought about naming one of my daughters Summer or Sommer after my grandfather (not biological, but I have known him all my life), or John if it's a boy.
    I found some beautiful names during our talk, and I also found out that my biological grandfather was a twin and my Grandma had twin sisters! How exciting, maybe it could be me to have the twins
    I'm already quite set on my list, but I haven't ruled out adding more.
    I love the names I found, and it would be extra special naming my children after these relatives I didn't get to know - a lot are still in Africa and Europe, and due to a hereditary condition, many have passed away well before their time.
    Would you name your child after a relative you've never met?

    And some of the names I've found that I love are..
    Daisy - My great aunt. She passed away of what was thought to be Malaria, but we know believe it to be a hereditary condition.
    Mina - Short for Wilhaemina, my great grandmother was an extremely educated woman who spoke Swahili, German, English and Italian. A lovely woman from all accounts, who even worked for coca cola in the accounting department.
    Alfie - My great uncle who believed to have died of sclerosis of the liver, but we now believe it to be the hereditary condition that is present from this side of the family.
    Arlette - My grandmother's mother.
    Clemonte - pronounced 'clay-maw' my french great great grandmother. My grandmother only knows her as Madame Clemonte or 'Colo' and she was known as this because she married a man named Clemonte, who she also only knows as that or Papa Colo. They were french and I just love the way Clemonte sounds, but I doubt I could ever use it.

    The boys names in my signature are all after family members, too.
    Matilda Kate (Therese), Vivienne (Saint) Lux, Adelaide (Margaret) Dahl.
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    I think it is wonderful to name for family and you have found some real ancestral gems there! I especially like Mina - and she sounds like the kind of person a young girl could aspire to.

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    I like family names, but I'd be more likely to use the name of a family member who influenced my life than one with a pretty name but I never got to meet.
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    Personally, I'd be more likely to use a name from a family member that influenced or meant something to me. Though, I don't have much connection to many of the names in my family tree due to a combination of losing my grandparents and older relatives while I was still young/before I was born and family conflicts in previous generations; so, I don't even have stories to connect me to the names. Since you have these stories from your grandmother, I think it's easier for you to imagine these relatives and form a connection. I mean your great grandmother Mina (Wilhaemina) sounds like a pretty great woman that would make a nice namesake.
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