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    Nicknames as Full Names

    I'm just wondering what the general consensus of nicknames as full names is. Personally, I don't like it, but I might be warming up to a select few. I LOVE Charlie, but have tried to like Charles and have failed. Same goes for Theo (Theodore). I wouldn't be against using Charles or Theodore in the middle somewhere, but I don't think I'm against using either Charlie or Theo in the middle either anymore. So, what's your general opinion?
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    I like a lot of nicknames as first names, like
    Alex, Elle, Ellie, Emme, Lila, Lily, Liv, Lola, Lucy, Mila, Nora, and Sammie

    Ace, Alex, Colt, Eli, Gray, Leo, Liam, Max, and Ty

    I do not like a lot of those full names.

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    I don't mind nicknames as full names, its perfectly okay. Why choose the full name instead of the nickname if you don't like it?
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    I agree with Olivia. In my signature I have that I love nicknames as full names.
    I remember when the birth of Anna Paquin and Stephan Moyer's twins everyone seemed to think that Charlie and Poppy were too nicknamey. Poppy is an actual name people.

    I don't see the point of naming your son Archibald when all you want is Archie.
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    I love the nickname Charlie too, but couldn't use Charles because I dated someone with that name. He was only ever called Chuckie and it always shocked me when I remembered his name was actually Charles (when I hear the name Charles, Ingalls comes to mind) but I still couldn't use it. I really love the (nick)name Charlie though. I probably still won't use it though. However, I don't much like the name Charles anyway, and would probably use Charlie on it's own even if I'd never dated someone named Charles.

    Back to the point, I think nicknames as names are usually fine. If you like the nickname better than the name, use the nickname.
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