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    I love Harper for a girl.
    Harper conjures images of the amazing Harper Lee with her classic novel 'How to kill a Mockingbird?' which makes her feel feminine. Furthermore celebrities such as the Beckham family have used Harper for their daughter. I think Harper has become a lot more feminine then masculine and she works with your son's names.

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    If you're concerned about masculinity, then why give her a unisex name?
    Jayden, Skyler & Harper could easily be 3 boys or 3 girls or a mixture. If you want people to be able to tell which one is the girl, I would not name her Harper. Go with Ivy or Ruby

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    Thanks everyone, all the feedback was much appreciated. I have narrowed it down to two options Ruby or Ivy with the middle name being Josephine. So now we will just wait and see which name should fit if it does end up being a girl ::fingers crossed::

    Thanks again!

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    I really like Harper for a girl or for a boy; its unisex to me and its darling either way. Though I think Harper and Skyler are too similar. I noticed both your boy's have y's in their name, and they're both sort of rough and tumble names. I really think Ruby goes great with Jayden and Skyler, but I think Josephine and Genevieve are far cries from Evan and Roland. Ruby Harper really speaks to me, but if you're not into that, I'd go with Ruby Josephine.
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    I think Harper is fine with Jayden and Skyler, and I think it is feminine. It's not my style, but this is about you. I think it goes better with your boys' names than Ivy or Ruby which are a bit jarring with the definitely contemporary brothers.

    For your consideration:

    Emerson Rose
    Eliot (Ellie)

    Good luck with the name. Enjoy your newest addition.

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