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    I really like the combo Harper Rose. The only thing that would make me hesitate is that it has the same ending as Skyler. With Jayden, Skyler and Harper, you have three fairly unisex names, which is fine. But if you'd like her name to stand out a bit from the boys without going into complete frilly territory, have you considered Rosalie 'Rose' Harper? I also really like Ruby and Ivy, but I don't think they would work as well with Harper as a middle name. Just a thought. Good luck,

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    Harper is sweet and rooted in great American literature. Love it!

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    It's a popular girls' name now, so, no one is going to be shocked by it or think that it's too unfeminine.

    I don't think it's unfeminine, I think it's unattractive, as Mischa said. To "harp on" someone means "to nag," so a "Harper" (even though that's not really a term used) sounds to me like you're trying to describe someone who's a nagging beyotch. I get that you could say that a Harper is one who plays the harp, but that's just not where my mind goes.

    The name is also just very trendy and will be incredibly dated in 10-20 years. Ruby is sweet and timeless, and Ivy is lovely, although I wouldn't go with a "v"-heavy middle name of Genevieve. I think Josephine is a great middle for either name.
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    Since it's in the top 25 for girls now, I can't imagine you'll find many people who will tell you it's too masculine. I don't think it has an attractive sound for either sex. A lot of parents claim to be honoring Harper Lee, but it seems like if they were actually honoring her they would know that she doesn't even go by Harper...

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    I love Harper... in fact, I actually like it best for a boy (from a book I read) but I can totally see the appeal on girls.

    If you love it, go for it. Skyler is gender neutral too.

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