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    Is Harper too masculine for a girl?

    So I already have 2 boys, their names are Jayden Roland and Skyler Evan. I don't know what baby #3 will be since we are keeping it a secret but if it's a girl I am considering the name Harper Rose. However, the feedback that I have gotten from people is that Harper is too masculine for a little girl. My two runner up girl names are: Ruby Josephine or Ivy Genvieve.

    What do you think, is Harper a good name for a that can grow nicely as she grows or should I go for something more fem such as Ruby or Ivy?


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    I adore Harper for a girl! If our last name didn't end in an "er" Harper would have been our first choice for a girl.

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    I find the name very harsh and unattractive - for either gender. While I can appreciate the literary connection with Harper Lee, I don't like the similarity with the derogatory term "harpie" (a shrewish, nagging woman). It is also a term used in Greek mythology for loathsome creatures who were half-woman and half-bird.
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    Not at all!! I LOVE it!! I think it's feminine with a touch of sass to it! Too cute!

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    Good heavens, no. At this point, I would see it oddly feminine on a boy, but just fine on a girl.

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