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    Alaric - I like it (I associate with Vampire Diaries)
    Augustin - has a bit of a girly sound to it
    Basile - is the e silent?
    Basil - no, apparently it's not I like both but prefer Basil.
    Conrad - okay
    Gideon - I really this one
    Henrik - Love Henri / Henry but Henrik is cool too
    Leonidas - not my cup of tea
    Leopold - okay
    Lucian - nice
    Malcolm - in the middle, not a fan of this name
    Pascal - dislike this one
    Ptolemy - difficult to pronounce
    Phineas - love this one
    Felipe - also a very cool name
    Perseus - okay
    Peregrin- not my style
    Serafin - even though it's a boys name, it sounds really girls to me
    Tarquin - don't like this one
    Truman - okay

    Top 10:
    1. Phineas
    2. Gideon
    3. Henrik
    4. Felipe
    5. Alaric
    6. Basil
    7. Leopold
    8. Perseus
    9. Ptolemy
    10. Truman / Augustin
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    The e in Basile is silent. Basile is either bah-seel or bah-zeel and Basil is technically pronounced BAZ-əl, but I prefer the pronunciation of the herb which is Bay-zul. I probably won't actually use it, but it is a huge guilty pleasure.
    Thoughts in this thread?

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    Alaric- like this a lot, but don't love it. I keep thinking this must be related to Eric somehow
    Augustin- prefer Augusten or Augustine
    Basile- not a fan
    Basil- like it
    Conrad- not a big fan
    Gideon- like this a lot
    Henrik - really like this
    Leonidas- meh
    Leopold- really like this
    Lucian- love
    Malcolm- like this
    Pascal- love
    Ptolemy- like it a lot
    Phineas-- like it a lot
    Philippe/Felipe- love this
    Perseus-- like it a lot
    Peregrin/Peregrine- like it a lot
    Serafin / Seraphin- seems a little feminine to me
    Tarquin- not a fan
    Truman- like but don't love

    1) Leopold
    2) Pascal
    3) Lucian
    4) Henrik
    5) Peregrine
    6) Gideon
    7) Phineas
    8) Perseus
    9) Basil
    10) Ptolemy

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    You've got a lot of my favorite names on your list so I of course think you've got FAB-U-LOUS taste in names. <wink>
    Top 10 in order: Alaric, Leonidas, Hendrik, Leopold, Gideon, Augustin, Lucian, Perseus, Philip/Filipe, and Basil

    My favorites:
    Alaric, Hendrik, Leonidas - I could write a novel on why I love each of these. But in short, these are the potential gentle and ferocious warriors I see my boys to be one day. (If you want the novel let me know).

    Augustin - I like Augustin better without the -e. I guess it's because in German you'd pronounce the e and Augustin would become Augustin-uh which would be very feminine. I prefer August or Augustus but Augustin is just the gentler brother to those.
    Gideon - Theoretically Gideon is great and perfect (he falls into the lovelies categories because of my associations with a particular Gideon I went to school with).
    Leopold - He would be on my favorites list if it weren't for Leopold of Belgium who always gives me pause.
    Lucian - The only think wrong with Lucian is that it's not Lucifer (yes, yes I know). But I loved Lucifer since I've been a little girl - it's my ultimate GP and so Lucian always falls a little short. It's a beautiful and powerful name though. And I think could be a great choice for basically anyone else.
    Philip or Felipe - These spellings only. The other feels to feminine to me. (Again I think it's the german in me that has a hard time with -e endings).
    Perseus - bold, gracious and intelligent. I really love Perseus, I'd love to meet a little one. I personally would not use the name because in Perseus Jackson he is falsely diagnosed with dyslexia. Being dyslexic myself and assuming my children will most likely be as well - I wouldn't want my child associated with a character that can overcome a learning disability - that can really impact your entire life - by finding out he's special, instead of by working really hard to compensate. It's just not a message I'd want to send to my son.

    Basil - I like Basil, like the herb, the others always feel pretentious and weird to me. Since you mentioned you like more courageous mn, this could be a good one.
    Peregrin - I'm always torn on Peregrin, I sort of love it and hate it to equal measures, and I don't know why. So it always ends up in the "like" section. Sorry I realize that's totally unhelpful.

    Think you have betters:
    Conrad - this is a total dad name where I grew up.
    Malcom - I love Captain Malcom Reynolds but that's really the only thing I like about the name.
    Pascal - I think I'd prefer Pascale on a girl, maybe because I know one. Pascal feels soft and feminine to me and I tend to like stronger, warrior like names on boys.
    Ptolemy - It just doesn't excite me.
    Phineas - It just doesn't excite me.
    Serafin/Seraphin - I have no idea why but when I hear Serafin/Seraphina/seraphim I tend to relate it to cherubs. Consequently I have a really hard time picturing this name on an adult. I know they are nothing like cherubs but I just can't get past that.
    Tarquin - It just doesn't excite me.
    Truman - It just doesn't excite me.
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    1 Gideon - love it. One of my favorites
    2 Phineas - one of my all time favorites!
    3 Augustin - love it, though I prefer it with an e at the end.
    4 Pascal - cool name I like it
    5 Peregrine - cool, I like it
    6 Alaric - lovely interesting name
    7 Basil/Basile - I've only ever seen it without an e. Great name! I like it a lot
    8 Philippe - great option if you've got French ancestry.
    9 Truman - I don't hate it. Sorta interesting, especially as a middle
    10 Leopold - I prefer this to Leonidas, just feels more .... solid

    Henrik -okay, it's nice, it's fine. I like it....
    Conrad - okay, Just not amazing
    Leonidas -fine, just not my cup of tea
    Lucian - I like Luke, Luca, Lucas, etc. but I can't get into Lucian, all I hear is evo-lucian, lol
    Serafin / Seraphin - feels very feminine to me since that's the only connection I have for it.
    Perseus - I just don't like this one, sorry. Just feels wimpy to me, despite the history
    Malcolm - I've never liked this one. Feels very negative, like malcontent.
    Ptolemy - meh, too historical for more taste, like Plutarch
    Tarquin - Star Trek sounding. Dark Wing duck!
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