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    Since she'll be born in the winter, how about Edith Winter?

    Edith August is fine even if she's born in December though.

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    Edith August is adorable! It doesn't matter if she is born in December as August could be related to a good summer memory or remind her that she was born in Winter but she has the warmth and light of Summer within her.

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    Other than the previously suggested Augustina, there's also Augusta, which would lessen the month association. Plus, I think they flow better than August with Edith.
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    I like Edith Augusta, partly to feminize but also it flows better. Edith August sounds very abrupt to me.
    I also like Edith January.
    Good Luck!

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    You could baptise her in January (if inclined)...I like January Augusta Edith.

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