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    Middle suggestions for ..

    Hi all,

    After some middle names for Mason. Both hubby and I seem to like it so it is currently a big contender as we cNt seem to agree on any other names!

    Just stuck on middle name suggestions!

    I wouldn't mind something a little different, am after something with a really nice flow to it if that makes sense?

    Other then that I am open to anything!!

    Mila Poppy .. Haiden James .. Expecting baby no.3 due November 23!

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    At the beginning I was a little apprehensive to use the same initial. But now with the lack of choices we seem to have its gone way down on the priority list!

    Thank you for all of your suggestions Rollo! I noticed you are an Aussie! Me too.. What do you think of the popularity of Mason? My partners number 1 choice was Cooper. I couldn't agree to it because it to me lacks substance and it's like a go to name for mums trying to be trendy? Do you think Mason has the same vibe?


    Out of your suggestions Rollo, I like;

    Mason Reid
    Mason Rafferty
    Mason Alexander (has a very regal feel to it!)

    Please keep the suggestions coming!!
    Mila Poppy .. Haiden James .. Expecting baby no.3 due November 23!

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    I'm in Aus too, my honest opinion is that Mason is not popular like Sophie or not too popular at all! And as a last name, I don't see it as trendy as last names seem to come and go anyway.

    I also love Mason Reid and Mason Alexander. Also:
    Mason Everett
    Mason Thaddeus
    Mason Blake
    Mason Forest
    Mason Tobias
    Mason Kai -ooh really like this one!
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