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    I've been in love with Somerled forever, it was the first name I thought of when I saw the title of your thread and I think it's the perfect choice! From your list I like Niall Somerled. Some other combo's you might consider......

    Abram Somerled
    Alden Somerled
    Ansel Somerled
    Crispin Somerled
    Edmond Somerled
    Felix Somerled
    Flynn Somerled
    Heath Somerled
    Henry Somerled
    Ian Somerled
    Orson Somerled
    Olin Somerled
    Phillip Somerled
    Rupert Somerled
    Taft Somerled
    Thatcher Somerled
    Wesley Somerled

    Amos Ferdinand
    Cyrus Ferdinand
    Dashiell Ferdinand
    Graham Ferdinand
    Hugo Ferdinand
    Louis Ferdinand
    Rhys Ferdinand
    Simon Ferdinand
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    LOVE Niall Somerled! Absolutely fabulous name! The pairing of the classic name with the more unusual (but not weird) middle is wonderful. The only two I don't care for are Leon Anthony and Magnus.

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    Thanks for the inspiration. I like
    Leif Somerled
    Odysseus Ferdinand
    Orson Somerled
    Rupert Somerled
    Louis Ferdinand
    Rhys Ferdinand

    I especially love Perrin Somerled, but it's too similar to Warren. Come to think of it Orson is way too close as well unfortunately.
    You are warming me up to Niall Somerled even more. Does everyone say Ny-all like Nigel without the G?



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    Top combos for #3: Lloyd Somerled or Perry Jacob * Muriel Daisy or Irene Summer

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    A few more suggestions in case you're looking...

    Atlas (literal meaning)
    Peregrine (traveler/pilgrim)
    Rohmer/Romer (pilgrim/fame)

    And Somerled combinations:

    Stellan Somerled
    Oscar Somerled
    Otto Somerled.

    Can I ask how Somerled is pronounced? What a gorgeous meaning.
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    I also love Niall Somerled. Truly swoon worthy and a clear winner! Nicely done!

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