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    Romantic first name for a traveler

    My typo bothered me so much I had to repost my thread. I don't know how to delete a thread I started, so ignore the other one.

    Right now my two top boys names are Somerled- summer traveler and Ferdinand- brave journey. The problem is everything else on my boys lists seem boring right now: Conrad, Thomas, Hugh. I could not convince hubby to ever use Ferdinand or Somerled as first names, so I am requesting some assistance in creating some beautiful combos to dazzle him with, pretty please.

    Some I've thought of:

    Vincent Somerled
    Niall Somerled
    Leon Anthony Somerled
    Orlando Somerled
    Magnus Ferdinand
    Otto Ferdinand
    Victor Ferdinand.

    None of these are quite hitting the spot except maybe Niall Somerled. I want something that is strong yet gentle, maybe a bit mischievous and boyish yet mature.



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    Top combos for #3: Lloyd Somerled or Perry Jacob * Muriel Daisy or Irene Summer

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    I don't really have any suggestions or opinions on the first names you have listed, but I just wanted to say that I swooned over Somerled and I've always liked Ferdinand but didn't know it's amazing meaning! I hope you win your husband over for them as first names!

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    Otto Ferdinand is great! My husband and I are considering Ferdinand as a middle for our son.
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    I love Niall Somerled - swoon! And also Magnus Ferdinand! LOVE Magnus! (although I prefer Somerled in the middle) Have you considered Odysseus? I love that name....I heard it on a young boy in a French film and it was gorgeous when they said it! What about famous travelers names - Leif, Christopher, etc..? Or what about some 'place' names that could be anywhere in the world - like Cove, Dale, Warren (hee hee), etc...My sister just had a baby boy and named him Lochlan, which means 'Land of the Lakes' which seems very romantic and travelish. I've always loved Whistler, too...not just for the mountain, but because I just imagine a boy/man traveling along, whistling as he goes...

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    Perrin is a name that means 'traveler' (Perrine for a girl); it's French. Perrin Somerled sounds good to me.

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