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    Romantic first name for an traveler

    Right now my two top boys names are Somerled- summer traveler and Ferdinand- brave journey. The problem is everything else on my boys lists seem boring right now: Conrad, Thomas, Hugh. I could not convince hubby to ever use Ferdinand or Somerled as first names, so I am requesting some assistance in creating some beautiful combos to dazzle him with, pretty please.

    Some I've thought of:

    Vincent Somerled
    Niall Somerled
    Leon Anthony Somerled
    Orlando Somerled
    Magnus Ferdinand
    Otto Ferdinand
    Victor Ferdinand.

    None of these are quite hitting the spot except maybe Niall Somerled. I want something that is strong yet gentle, maybe a bit mischievous and boyish yet mature.
    My boys <3 Warren and Lee <3
    Someday soon? - Muriel Daisy, Faye Veronica, Summer Irene or Mary ??.
    Peter Lars or Perry L---? or Edwin Gene

    *Athena* *Summer* *Muriel* *Veronica* *Faye*
    *Silvia* *Mary* *Ursula* *Isidora*

    *Carl* *Hugh* *Lloyd* *Somerled* *Arthur* *Edwin*
    *Peter* *Martin*

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