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    I love most of your choices! But for Wesley and Kurtis...they're 70's names. Kurtis sounds like a bully who might beat up a wimpy kid named Wesley.

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    I like Freya and Francesca best from your girl's list, but the combinations on the girl's list just aren't my style. On the other hand, Waylon Gregor is the most perfect boy name I've seen in quite a while!

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    Commented on the ones I had comments on. If I left a set off it's because I don't see a problem with it.

    Aria Rose: Very similar to my Aira Rose but I find Aria Rose harder to say. I also think Aria is going to spike in popularity because of Game of Thrones.

    Callista Beau: Like a pp said, Callista Belle is better, as Beau is a boy name.

    Caden Anabeth: Caden is a boys name to me, if anything. I'd like to see another 'n' in Annabeth, otherwise I want to say 'ah-na-beth'.

    Emillie Katherin: This looks like the 'e' from Catherine has been supplanted randomly onto Emily. Other than the spelling, Emily Catherine is nice.

    Hadley Grace: Hadley is a surname. Hayley Grace is nice.

    Ianna Beth: Sounds like 'I am a Beth'.

    Averie Louise: Avery is a boys name.

    Kurtis Levi: Prefer Curtis.

    Brian Layne: Taking the 'y' out of Lane improves it.

    Waylon Gregor: Not a fan of Waylon at all. It makes me think of 'wailing'.

    Darren Everett: Sounds like a full name already as Everett is a surname.

    Elijah Chance: Ditto above.

    ★ August Eli Benedict ★ Bram ★ Casimir Mordecai ★ Edmond John Meirion ★ Gillon ★
    ★ Jory Leander ★ Julian Charles ★ Macsen ★ Magnus ★ Vasiliy ★


    ★ Aira Rose ★ Arietta ★ Clover ★ Delphina ★ Eleni ★ Fiorella ★ Hester Isobel ★
    ★ Iris ★ Lilah ★ Merit ★ Sylvia ★

    Sorry to anyone who read TSI. First draft was terrible. Second drafting now.

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    Aria Rose: Omg, I LOVE it! Aria is so musical & classical, and I've always loved Rose because it's such a beautiful & romantic flower. Honestly, I'm in love with both of these names & they sound great together.

    Callista Beau: Eh, it's okay. Callista is a bit of a mouth-full, and Beau always confuses me w/pronunciation... I always initially think "B'you" like the beginning of "beautiful", but apparently it's actually pronounced "Boh" like "Oh". Together it sounds like "Callistabo" which is even more of a mouth-full. :P

    Caden Anabeth: I really like Caden! But only w/the middle name Anabeth, do I realize it's meant for a girl. I feel like it's more boy-ish, but I suppose it could work for a girl if I heard it enough. lol Anabeth is pretty, although a little old-fashioned & possibly plain? Maybe a little. I like it though. I've always been a fan of "Ann" & "Anna" & all their spelling variations, even though I typically go for more offbeat names.

    Emillie Katherin: Gotta be honest... I don't always like the alternative spelling... & when it happens in both the first & middle name it just seems a little over the top... Both are very common names, & I like the attempt to make them a bit more unique, but both names is too much. Emily is a classic & I love the sound. Katherine/Catherine has a special place in my heart bc it's my mother's name, & I like it better w/a K as well. It's a longer name, but it gets away w/it easily bc it flows well. Elegant.

    Freya Eloise: I love Freya. It's so unique & makes me think of green. (ireland, germany, celtic, etc.) It sounds almost as if it could be the name of an ancient princess, but she would be a tough princess! Possibly w/a sword! lol Eloise is sweet & old-timey in a way that I love. It's become uncommon today, but it was once a classic. I like it a lot. The combo of the 2 together however, I'm not super sold on, but idk.

    Francesca Mae: Props for using a 1-syllable MN to go w/that long FN! Makes the combo sound much better! Francesca is okay. It's pretty & elegant, but not too crazy about it. Maybe bc her nickname would be "Frannie" & it sounds like "Grannie". Mae is gorgeous & a short & sweet name. A great MN.

    Gianna Belle: Gianna is original. Sounds a little Italian, I think? A NN for it might be "Gigi" which sounds French. lol Belle is classic & melodious. It always reminds me of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She was a book worm & celebrated being unique, which I adore. Not sure about the combo of the 2 though.

    Hadley Grace: Hadley is interesting, although I couldn't use it bc I used to know someone w/that name & she was a rude and frankly, a snob, but I doubt that had anything to do with her name! lol The name itself is a strong girl's name, which I like. "Haddie" would be a cute NN. Grace is a little common place, but it's always on my list as well! It's not as common in recent years though, I think. It's a classic & short & sweet. Makes me think of elegance & (of course lol) grace.

    Ianna Beth: Ianna is exotic & interesting. She might be NN'd "Annie" just bc it's easier for younger kids to say. Or possibly "Onnie". I like it though, it's unique. Beth is nice. The mother of a childhood friend of mine was named Beth. It's fine, but not a favorite for me.

    Averie Louise: I LOVE Avery & all it's spelling variations! It's unique & sounds good. It reminds me of "aviary" and "aviation". Flying is inspirational. Louise is a little old-fashioned, but it's a classic that could be brought back. I like Eloise better, bc of the "El" sould like "Ella" & "Ellie", which I find adorable.

    Kurtis Levi: Kurtis, I'm not a fan of, "curt" sounds a bit abrupt & stiff. I like how you mixed it up, by using a K instead of a C though. Levi, on the other hand, I love. It makes me think of the jeans of course, but navy blue is a great boy color! lol And who doesn't like jeans? It's like the well-known & now all-too-common "Lee", combined w/the unique "Vy/Vi" sound.

    Jack Erza: I like Jack, even though it's simple, it's classic. It's strong, yet sensitive. (I may be biased bc of Jack from Lost). Ezra is unique, but I don't like the sound all that much.

    Henry Isaiah: I love Henry, it's warm & a classic. I like it a lot. Isaiah is a Biblical name, and it's easily recognizable as one. I'd be unlikely to use it, since I'm not a very religious person, but I'd still consider it for the sound alone.

    Justin Andrew: Justin is okay. I like it's similarity to the word "justice". Andrew is sweet. I love the "drew" sound.

    Brian Layne: I like Brian. Another classic. Layne is original! I don't think I've heard of that one before, and that's saying something for me. lol However, the fact that it sounds like "lane" isn't ideal, bc of the connection to "road", etc. It almost sounds like a LN, actually. But it flows well together.

    Waylon Gregor: Waylon is unique! I like that it's different. But it sounds a little like "wailin" ("wailing"). Gregor is neat as well. I like Gregory as a boy's name, & Gregor is an interesting twist on it. It makes me think of Mr.McGregor from the Peter Rabbit story.

    Wesley Alexander: Wesley is nice. He'd likely be NN'd "Wes". Alexander is a strong name, but it's very common today.

    Darren Everett: Darren is interesting. A little bit like Karen, but w/a more masculine "D" sound. Everett is a good name too. I enjoy "E" & "V" combinations. A little bit like Evan combined with Brett.

    Kai Joseph: I'm totally in love with Kai! It's cute & masculine at the same time, & gives off a little bit of an Asain flair to me at the same time. I'd be nervous to make the choice though, bc it's so different. But I still love it! lol Joseph is a great classic name. It's a Biblical name (being Mary's husband's name) but it also has a "life of it's own" somehow, & doesn't seem as strongly associated with religion as say Isiah or Ezikiel for example.

    Elijah Chance: Elijah is a good name. It's another Biblical name. "Eli" would be an adorable NN. I like it. Chance is sweet. It's inspirational, like "giving yourself a chance" or "taking a chance". It's short & simple, but totally sweet. It sounds a little like a pet dog's name (bias from the movie Homeward Bound lol) but that movie came out a long time ago, & most people likely wouldn't associate it. I'd like Chance as a FN, but a MN works too.

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    Aria Rose - Aria is alright, but not really my style. I guess I think it's a bit trendy. Rose, on the other hand, is beautiful.
    Callista Beau - I don't like Callista all that much and Beau is a boy's name.
    Caden Anabeth - Caden is a boy's name as well, and Anabeth is spelled Annabeth.
    Emillie Katherin - Other than the odd spellings, the name itself is rather plain. Emily Kathryn is how I would spell it.
    Freya Eloise - It's alright. Freya is a bit old-fashioned for me. Eloise is alright though.
    Francesca Mae - I don't like Francesca. It flows nicely though.
    Gianna Belle - It's alright.
    Hadley Grace - Very cute.
    Ianna Beth - I don't like Ianna...It sounds incomplete.
    Averie Louise - I don't like Averie.

    Kurtis Levi - I've never understood unnecessary K's replacing C's? What's wrong with Curtis? Either way, it's not my favorite name.
    Jack Erza - I'm not sure if this is a typo of Ezra, but either way, it's not my favorite. I feel like Jack needs a longer middle name to compensate.
    Henry Isaiah - It's alright. I'm not a fan of Henry, but it's alright.
    Justin Andrew - The only thing I can find wrong with this name is that my current boyfriend's name is Justin and my ex's name is Andrew. Obviously, that doesn't apply to you. Hahaha. Otherwise, I think it's a lovely name.
    Brian Layne - It's a good name.
    Waylon Gregor - I don't like either name.
    Wesley Alexander - I like Wesley and the nn Wes. It's a good name.
    Darren Everett - It's alright. I picture Darren better on a grown man. Same with Brian.
    Kai Joseph - I actually have this exact combo on my list. Haha. Nice job.
    Elijah Chance - I really like Elijah and Chance is nice too.

    My favorites are probably Kai Joseph and Elijah Chance from your boys list and Hadley Grace from your girls.

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