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    be honest what do you think of the names in my signature?

    i would love to know what you guys think
    The names I'm currently loving:
    Aria Rose, Callista Beau, Caden Anabeth, Emillie Katherin, Freya Eloise, Francesca Mae, Gianna Belle, Hadley Grace, Ianna Beth, Averie Louise
    Kurtis Levi, Jack Erza, Henry Isaiah, Justin Andrew, Brian Layne, Waylon Gregor, Wesley Alexander, Darren Everett, Kai Joseph, Elijah Chance

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    I'm bored so I'm gonna take my time
    Aria Rose- Aria is a pretty name, its just NMS. Its very feminine and frilly but also very modern. Aria Rose is a romantic combo. But at the same time I'm sure there are a lot of other parents who are thinking the exact same thing. I see Aria as being ver popular in the next 10 years

    Callista Beau- I love the name Callista. Mostly for the fact that its an actual name with a lovely meaning and it fits with modern trends. I think it should be used more. I'm not sure how I feel about Beau. I see it as a very masculine name. I like Callista Belle better. But just so you know her first and middle name would have the same meaning either way "Most Beautiful, Beautiful".

    Caden Anabeth - I really dislike Caden on a girl or boy for that matter. I dislike boy names on girls and the whole -Aden trend. I have a baby cousin named Annabeth, so I'm biased, but I think Annabeth is really pretty. I like how you at least paired a masculine name with a feminine middle.

    Emilie Katherin - I love the French spelling of Emilie but I don't like that spelling of Katherine. It makes the whole name look misspelled. I like Emily Katherine or Emily Katrin more.

    Freya Eloise - Like Freya, I'm not crazy about it but I its a solid name. Eloise is adorable. I love it as a first or middle name

    Francesca Mae - Love Francesca, love Mae. Not sure how I like the combo since Francesca is very long and exotic and Mae is short and very "English" but its okay.

    Gianna Belle - I live in a place where the name Gianna is like the name Sophia. Its everywhere. I've heard it so much that I kind of dislike it. Its very pretty but very over used where I live. Belle is a gorgeous middle name.

    Hadley Grace - This combo screams 2010's to me. Hadley is a very popular, trendy name and Grace is pretty much the new Marie. While both are cute names, this combo is just boring to me. There are tons of little girls out there with "-Lee" names and the middle name Grace so it just kind of feels "been there done that"

    Ianna Beth - The name Ianna feels incomplete to me. It need a consonant or two in front of it. Beth is a nice middle name. Kind of bland but still very nice.

    Averie Louise - I'm really tired of hearing the name "Avery" in any way, shape, or form. It feels fresh to me on a boy. But on a girl it feels very much like Hadley. Very trendy and will be seen as very dated 20 years from now. Louise is a very sweet middle name

    Kurtis Levi - I've never really been fond of the name Curtis. Just the sound of it bothers me. I don't get why someone would spell it with a "K". I like the name Levi a lot though. Its biblical but it also feels very current.

    Jack Ezra - I obviously love the name Jack . Its such a cute little boys name that will age really well. Ezra is NMS but it makes for a fine middle name. But it does kind of remind me of Ezra Jack Keats.

    Henry Isaiah - I love Henry too. Its very soft yet masculine and it also ages well. Isaiah is NMS as well but again it makes for a fine middle name.

    Justin Andrew - This combo feels very 90's to me. Both Justin and Andrew were very popular back then and Justin feels very dated now, at least to me. Andrew is a nice middle name.

    Brian Layne - I dislike the name Brian. It also feels dated to me and reminds me of a very creepy Spanish teacher I once had named Brian. But I guess its okay. I like the middle name Lane for a boy spelled this way. I feel like the "Y" in Layne feminizes it.

    Waylon George - Waylon is NMS, I just don't like sound of it. But its okay. At least its an actual name and not trendy or dated. George is a nice classic middle name too.

    Wesley Alexander - Wesley is not my style either, but I don't mind it. Love Alexander, though. Its a very strong classic name.

    Darren Everett - I don't care for the name Darren, but I love the name Everett.

    Kai Joseph - I like this combo. I love when people pair very modern, new names with classic middle names.

    Elijah Chance - Elijah isn't my favorite name, mostly because of my sister insisting she wants to name her daughter Elijah. But its a good, solid biblical name and hopefully the more my sister sees it used for boys she'll realize that it is indeed a boys name. Chance is a very cool middle name
    Violet Gray
    No longer a teenager, still sad and name-obsessed

    Jude, Theo, Luca, Oliver l Eliza, Rose, Kate, Dahlia

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    I like Aria, Calista, Gianna, Averie, and Caden is a boy name , and I love it for a boy. I like Levi, Chance, Joseph, Jack, and Kai although I met a seven year old boy named Kai and his mom said her son hated his name because he was always being told it was a girl name. I think the unisex names can be tougher on boys than girls.
    Name favorites :

    Alana, Scarlett, Alexandria, Annalise, Gianna, Marcella, Kayla, Arabella, Julianna, Anastasia, Jovanna

    Cole, William, Samuel, Caleb, Rylan, Roman, Grayson, Jackson, Joseph, Caden, Christian, Joshua

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    Not a fan of most typical biblical names, so unfortunately I wouldn't have much to say about a lot of popular names. Take my opinion with a grain of salt, as I tend to only REALLY like and stick to a minority of names.

    So, let's imagine that I'm the wall, and you're physically throwing the names (on plaques.. ? lol) at me to see what sticks.. I like Francesca. Jack's always a cool name. Freya's nice as well, but it's a Norse Goddesses name, right? I've read that it's tacky naming one's child after Norse Mythological beings. Having said that, I'm sure that there are lots of Freyas out there. The rest aren't bad, but none really stick out to me.

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    Francesca Mae - Absolutely adore! It is stunning!
    Gianna Belle - Beautiful

    Wesley Alexander
    Darren Everett
    Henry Isaiah
    Jack Ezra

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