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    International Opinions on Ebony

    My name is Ebony which I know is considered trashy in America and the UK. The thing is my name is the same as an American child star except she is Ebonie. And as a berry taste question 57% of berries preferred Ivory. Also I would love to live somewhere else but with my name I'm not sure how it would work. I am looking for honest opinions on Ebony. Would you assume that she was black? Would you assume she was lower class?

    Please don't hold back simply because it is my name.

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    I think Ebony is a gorgeous name! If you want to live elsewhere no one will look down at you for your name. Ebony is actually on my list, I find it beautiful! If it helps I thought about my name the same way, but when I moved and met new people they all loved my name.
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    I have always rather liked Ebony.
    I don't necessarily think of dark skin, but I do think of dark features: brown eyes, black hair etc.

    Ebonie is terrible, but mainly because of the deliberate misspelling - it screams 'uneducated', and I would rope it in with names like Randi, Nevaeh, Princess etc.
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    I find it a bit juvenile-sounding, but not trashy in the way you're thinking. More like something a middle school emo kid would try to rename herself.

    I wouldn't assume an Ebony was black (although the one I used to know is black.) And while it's NMS, I do think it's a pretty sound.
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    Yes, I would assume she is black. I have a weird dualistic feeling about this name, where I'm conscious of the reputation (admittedly kind of stripper-ish) -- but at the same time, I know I'd feel quite differently about it if it were a "blank slate" name, with no prior associations. My blank slate opinion would be quite positive, because it has a beautiful sound and a nature/imagery-related meaning.

    Given that, it's smart to ask for international opinions. I'm originally from the Midwestern USA.
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