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    In Need of a Fresh Idea

    My husband and I have a five year old boy named Thaddeus and are expecting #2! However, we are not finding out the sex of our baby, so we need a few viable ideas that we both agree on for the possibility of either sex. My husband believes you can't pick a name for a child until you meet them, so we plan to just have a few solid options to pick from when we meet him or her!

    Girl names are NO problem, we easily agree on a short list of 1. Verity, 2. Sylvia, 3. Gloria or 4. Flora. On boy names, however, we are at a loss and feel like we just need a fresh start. There are very few boy names I like and even fewer we can agree on!

    On my list of favorites I had:

    Of those, DH can maybe stomach Cyrus and Asher, but the only name in the list I was really wild about was Maximus. I liked the nickname Maxim but he didn't care for that and REALLY hates Max. It's important to us that we have a parent-approved nickname for whatever we pick since our families will shorten the name whether we like it or not. I tend to like names with very solid roots in history or literature, preferably nothing too trendy. My husband would just prefer something short and semi-familiar (hence how "Thad" became our compromise the first time around). I'm hoping one of you amazing berries will be able to throw me a curve ball that gives us a fresh perspective...
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    I LOVE the name Thaddeus!! I wanted that for our son, but hubby vetoed (we have an Xavier Preston). I also really like Maximus! My husband just changed his middle name to Cyprian, but had seriously considered Cyrus (his name was Cletus, WHAT was his mother thinking!)

    I really like Theodore, and you would have a Thad and Theo

    Other boys names:


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    Ok, here are some names that I think meet your criteria for a name with roots in history or literature, but with easy nickname possibilities (and I also see that you tend towards Latinate names or Hebrew names, so a couple of those thrown in too, even if I can't necessarily find a root in history/nn):

    August, Augustine, or Augustus (Easy nicknames are Gus or Auggie)
    Edmund (has roots in literature, NN: Ned, Ted, Eddie...)
    Lysander (NN: Xander?)
    Peregrine (NN: Pippin, Pip, Perry)
    Phineas (NN: Finn, though that might violate your rule against trendy names)
    Tiberius (NN: Ty, Tai)

    Good luck!

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    Augustine, Tobin and Sebastian were all names I also considered that DH shot down right away, so you have definitely hit the target in terms of my taste! Ira is one I hadn't thought about, but I do like it. I'm definitely thinking about that now. Finn was on our list before Thad was born, too but I'm glad we missed that popularity spike. Magnus and Tiberius I also like, but I'm not sure about the nickname for either. I have a brother often called Ty and Mag makes me think of Maggie. I love the list, though! Thank you for the response, you were dead-on!

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