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    Ottilie -- Yes, I know. I went with it because my husband really likes it and I like Ash fine, but then I just decided that I'd had such good luck with Samwise and Voltaire. He still wants it left on the middle list but I'm fine with that. So from your list I like:

    Beowulf -- Love this one so much! I'm sure he'll say only in the middle, but I'll try anyway
    Brage -- Always loved this one
    Charlemagne -- I love the sound but is it trying too hard?
    Dragan -- This ones new for me ^_^ I like it. dray-gan?
    Endymion -- Love this one a lot too, but have always been wary about adding it to the list. My family has such a hard time with Persephone, imagine this
    Faunus -- I always feel weird when I think about using Roman names especially since Pan is my primary god. I'm going to mull it over. I like the prophecy connection (Apollo has prophecy also so that's good for Cody)
    Faustus -- <3 ^_^
    Forseti -- This was on our middle name list. Hmm...I don't know why we never thought to move it over
    Freyr -- This one too. I think it'll stay a middle, but thanks for reminding me ^_^
    Heimdall -- Yes, he is very awesome.
    Horatio -- It's great but we live around a lot of Spanish speakers. It's popular with them. You think hat would be weird?
    Horus -- Love! Never thought about it before
    Lycius -- Apollo and all. Plus it's just cool
    Mimir -- mih-meer? That about right? It's hard to write it out
    Nomius -- Well this covers 3 different bases and sounds cool
    Osirian -- I like this and Osiris
    Osiris -- I was just thinking about him earlier. He goes well with Persephone, has a great sound...I don't have a particular affinity to the Egyptian gods but I do think they deserve some respect
    Paladin -- Even though I love this, I play a lot of DnD so it's just a common word in our circle (it's a class you can play) so it has to stay in the middle
    Pyramus -- Ah I love it. I've never liked Thisbe so I guess I've never thought about Pyramus
    Pythias -- It's a great story. I'm iffy with the name, but I'll put it for a middle right now
    Ra -- So short for a first name with the others, but we were actually going to use Ra and a nn For Raphael if we ended up using that.
    Roland -- You have no idea how much I love Roland. It is like the perfect romantic name to me. It's swoon worthy in my book. I need to work harder to get Cody to like it
    Sherlock -- I've actually asked him about Sherlock before but he sort blew it off as too weird. At this point I don't think he can use that excuse :P
    Silvanus -- I love it too, but I love Sylvana/Silvana (still not sure how I want to spell it) more. And I like Silvan by itself better but I used Silvanus as my character name in my last DnD campaign. He's a satyr and a druid :P
    Taran -- I still haven't read these book >.< I found them online for so cheap though so I need to order them. I loved Taran from the Black Cauldron movie though
    Theoden -- Love it
    Vidar -- This was in our combo with Damien for a while -- Damien Quillon Vidar -- but then a comment was made about it sounding like Vader (like Star WArs) and now we don't like it as much
    Virgil -- I love it too but I do believe Cody told me it sounds to old manish. I'll ask again since I can't remember

    There's several I like that I know someone with the name (like Hyperion) that I'm too close with to use, or that I love but I know for a fact Cody doesn't (like Xerxes and Zoraster). Now when he wakes up I'll discuss all these with him. ^_^ Like with the girls, I'll probably end up with less than half but oh well. He's too picky :P -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I'm pleased you liked so many! I've started digging for names and had some fun finding names for you too while I was at it.

    Dragan is druh-GAN.
    I understand it's weird with the Romans, but in Faunus' case he was already a well established God and his cult is quite different from Pan's, even though a lot of Pan was adapted by him. He's one of my favourites, and the name is soooo good.
    Horatio - I don't know? It might be...
    Mimir - spot on!
    Roland - it's so romantic isn't it? I love it too. There's also Orlando and Lorand.
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    I still like Dragan even though I was saying it wrong. Yea, I'm still iffy there, but I'll keep mulling it over. Yay! I'm learning to pronounce things :P He said about Faustus "He sold his soul! I don't like it" I tried and tried but he went "Hey, you don't like plenty of my names so no." :'(
    And about Forseti "That doesn't work in the modern day"
    He's being very snarky today You notice he pretty much kept everything for the middle

    Cody likes

    Beowulf -- as a middle
    Brage -- middle
    Freyr -- middle
    Lycius -- middle
    Nomius -- middle
    Osiris -- one of the only first name
    Roland -- first name
    Theoden -- first
    Virgil -- first
    Ulysses -- I suggested this and he sort of waffled then said "I guess as a first"

    So, yea. You see what happened there -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I hate to bump my own thread, but seriously, Cody hated most of them. Help? -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Yipe. After Ottilie, I honestly didn't know where to go with this. After a few minutes of blankness, I fetched my 30,000+-entry name book, "A World of Baby Names," and started combing the Greek boys' section.

    Acheron (The river in Hades, derived from achon, "pain," this probably doesn't carry the best meaning or associations, but it's apparently used for boys in Greece.)
    Adonis (the beautiful young man loved by Aphrodite)
    Aigeus/Aegidius (from aigis, "goat," Zeus's goatskin shield, so it carries the idea of protection. My book says the first spelling is pronounced EE-jus. This is the source of the name Giles, which I also like.)
    Altair (not a Greek name, but apparently used in Greece, this is supposed to come from the Arabic al ta'ir, "the bird." Altair is the brightest star in the constellation Aquila.)
    Ambrosios/Ambrose ("immortal")
    Archimedes (cool...)
    Aristides (from aristos, "best." Also could nickname it Ari or Aris, as the author Virginia Lee Burton nicknamed her older son.)
    Basil (Why not? This "kingly" name deserves more use.)
    Erasmios/Erasmus ("lovely)
    Flavian (for a blond boy...)
    Gregor (hmm, cool)
    Hesperos/Hesperus (the name of the evening star)
    Hieronymos/Hieronymus (probably a bit much, but you could do Jerome instead! It means "holy name.")
    Hilarion/Ilarion (a way to keep Hilary for the guys?)
    Kiril ("lordly")
    Lucian/Lucius (I love it so much!)
    Makarios/Makar ("blessed"; the name of many saints)
    Nestor (cool...I think of the Tintin character)
    Nikodemos/Nicodemus (I adore this in the middle, but it would work as a first with cool nn Nico)
    Orestes (I should know the story but don't have time to look it up at the moment)
    Spiridon (the saint)
    Zoltan (from zoe, "life")

    Good luck!
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