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    Awesome Adventurers

    So onward to replacing one of my boy names. I don't like Asher as a first name anymore. It's just sort of flat next to all my girl names and Damien and Voltaire. I have Alexander also but it has such an awesome historical connection that I think it's fine. Asher just makes me go meh. I like it find in the middle though.

    So, I need boy names that sound adventurous and that go with the others. We like mythological (Norse and Greek but we can also branch into Egyptian), historical, and just general cool and underused names.

    The other combos on the boys list are:

    Damien Quillon Samwise
    Alexander Dante Griffin
    Voltiare Loki Constantine -- this was Raphael Loki Constantine but Raphael is moved to a middle now

    So have at it! I hope I get as good a response as with the girls forum. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Amelia Lorien Sophia -- December 2015.

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    Me and Cody like:

    Amadeus -- but it would be a middle. We think we like Wolfgang better ^_^
    Evander -- as a middle name. It's already on our middle name list
    Leonidas -- I'm maybe in this one
    Orion -- middle name
    Theron -- on the fence here -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Persephone Elysia Willow -- June 5th, 2013
    Amelia Lorien Sophia -- December 2015.

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    Thank goodness. I'm sorry, but meh is my reaction to Asher as well, especially with your curious eclectic bro-set.

    These are my suggestions:
    Amun (the Egyptian God of creative force and air)
    Attila (the Hun! Great warrior and leader, I'm imagining he must've been pretty fantastic!)
    Beowulf (the Anglo Saxon hero)
    Boreas (the Greek God of the North Wind)
    Brage (the Norse God of poetry)
    Brutus (several men, the assassin of Caesar and the founder of the Roman Republic among them)
    Charlemagne (the Frankish King)
    Dagr/Dag (Personification of the day in Norse mythology)
    Dragan (“precious”)
    Endymion (Greek mythology, beautiful shepherd and lover of Selene)
    Enlil (the Chief Sumerian God)
    Eshmun (Phoenician God of healing)
    Ethelred ("noble counsel", several Saxon kings)
    Faramir (from LOTR)
    Faunus (I know you're not into the Roman Gods, but this name is so fabulous and he was really quite cool! He was a King of Latium, a God of prophecy and later forests (when he was merged with Pan))
    Faustus (“a favorable omen”)
    Fiyero (from "Wicked")
    Forseti (the Norse God of justice and reconciliation)
    Freyr (the Norse God of fertility and weather)
    Gadifer (a Scottish king in Arthurian Romances)
    Galahad (a knight of the round table)
    Gustav (I just like it, and it means (maybe) "a God’s staff")
    Gwydion (Welsh mythology, an awesome magician)
    Havelock (Havelock the Dane, a medieval romance)
    Hector (the Trojan prince and hero)
    Heimdall (the most awesome dude ever? Foresight, excellent hearing and sight, has a horse with a golden mane)
    Helekin (a fairy king in French Arthurian romance)
    Helios (the Greek God of the sun)
    Hellequin (a messenger of the devil in medieval French literature, he sends damned souls to hell. He’s probably an old pagan character, the story is reminiscent of the wild hunt)
    Herla (the leader of the wild hunt in Germanic mythology)
    Hermod (Norse mythology, Odin's great son)
    Homer (the great Greek poet of the Odyssey and the Illiad)
    Horatio (Horatio Nelson)
    Horus (the most significant Egyptian God (light, law, war, etc))
    Hyperion (the Titan, God of the sun)
    Idris (a magician in Welsh legends)
    Jason/Iason (the Greek hero)
    Khonsu (Egyptian God of the moon, "traveler")
    Lamorak (Knight of the Round Table)
    Laomedon (King Priam’s daddy)
    Laszlo (Hungarian King)
    Lohengrin (another Knight of the Round Table in German versions)
    Loxias (epithet of Apollo)
    Lycius (epithet of Apollo)
    Maahes (Egyptian God of war, "he who is true beside her")
    Mercutio (from Mercury, Romeo's friend in Romeo and Juliet)
    Merlin (the sorcerer in Arthurian legends)
    Mimir (the Norse God of wisdom)
    Nimrod/Nemroth (the Mesopotamian king and hunter)
    Njord (the Norse God of sea ans seafaring)
    Nomius (epithet of Apollo, Pan and Hermes)
    Octavian (Roman name)
    Odin (the Norse Chief God)
    Odysseus (Greek hero)
    Osirian (“belonging to Osiris”)
    Osiris (the Egyptian God of the Underworld and the Blessed Dead. Also called Wesir and Asar/Asari)
    Paladin (the name of Charlemagne's peers, brave knights)
    Phineas (king of Thrace)
    Pindar (Greek poet)
    Platon (the philosopher)
    Polymestor (another king of Thrace)
    Priam (king of Troy)
    Prospero (from Shakespeare's The Tempest)
    Pryderi (Welsh mythology, Rhiannon’s son)
    Ptolemy (several, one of them the founder of the Ptolemaic dynasty, another the Greek polymath)
    Pyramus (from the romance Pyramus and Thisbe)
    Pythias (from the story of Damon and Pythias, one of my very favourites)
    Ra (the Egyptian God of the sun)
    Ragnor (Beren’s companion In the Silmarillion)
    Ramses (a name given to Egyptian Pharaohs, "Ra is the one who gave birth to him")
    Rasalas (star in Leo)
    Rowan (the tree)
    Roland (Charlemagne’s chief military leader)
    Rustam/Rostam (Perisan hero)
    Seaborn ("sea warrior")
    Sherlock (Sherlock Holmes)
    Sigurd (Norse mythology, one of the biggest heroes)
    Silvanus (I know, stupid because you’ve got Sylvana for a girl, but it's so beautiful I can't help myself)
    Socrates (Greek philosopher)
    Starling (the bird)
    Tamerlane (from the name Timur; a famous Turkic warrior)
    Tammuz (Mesopotamian vegetation God)
    Taran (from Chronicles of Prydain)
    Theoden (LOTR, king of Rohan)
    Theodred (LOTR, son of Theoden)
    Theseus (Greek hero)
    Titian (“belonging to Titus”, the name of the painter)
    Troilus (Trojan hero, known from Shakespeare)
    Ullr (Norse god of archery)
    Vidar (Norse God of vengeance)
    Virgil (the Roman poet)
    Vortimer (English Prince who drove the Saxons out of England)
    Wayland (the great smith in English folklore)
    Wenceslas (as in Good king Wenceslas)
    Wystan (first name of poet W.H. Auden)
    Xenophon (Greek historian)
    Xerxes (Persian king)
    Zoroaster (Persian prophet “pure sheer stars”)
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    Damien Quillon Samwise my twist on this combo is Damien Scott Quinlan
    Alexander Dante Griffin my twist Dante Griffin Raphael/Constantine
    Voltiare my combo is Voltaire Orion Alexander

    Alexander Richard Phoenix
    Damon Alexander Sirius
    Psalm 23

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