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    Anyone else?
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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    Flora: A curious little brunette girl who always asks questions, loves to play outside but on a rainy day would also sit on her bed and reads for hours.

    Ophelia: Also a little brunette girl with pigtails, she has a bit of a bolder personality and loves to smile. When she's outside, she jumps in puddles and runs around wanting you to chase her. When you finally caught her she can't stop giggling.

    Elliott: A very sweet little boy, who's part gentleman, part "cool" kid. He loves to hear stories and always insists on one last story.

    When I think of these names, there's a mini clip playing in my head and that's what it plays

    Born in 1930

    Mary Pearline & Robert Ellis

    Bonnie Hortensia, Cora Beverly, Ella Marilyn, Libby Loretta, Lydia Jean
    Margie Roberta, Peggy Eleanor, Rose Patricia, Sally Josephine, Sylvia Francine, Willa Judith

    Jackie William, Max Gary, Thomas Grover, Freddie Julian, Jimmy Conrad, Bernie Oliver
    Ted Nathaniel, Huey Winford, Gilbert Myron, Louis Everett, Eddie Lionel

    old combos and lists

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    @opheliaflora: Aww, I love those descriptions! How sweet. That is neat how different clips play through your head when you think of certain names.
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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    I tend to think of nature more than what the names would look like on people. Here's what I see when I hear my favorite girl's names:

    Angeline - A storm brewing on the open ocean: powerful and dark.
    Adeline - Birds tweeting from tree to tree.
    Savannah - Dense tropical greenery next to clear-blue waters in the Caribbean.
    Paige - A light dusting of snow in the growing forest.
    Skye - A drizzly day out in the country
    Reverie - A calming path lined by huge sagging willow trees.
    Genevieve - A huge New-Orleans-style mansion covered in crawling ivy.
    Bryony - A babbling brook surrounded by lush, green ferns and huge birch trees with sunlight peeking through from between the leaves.
    Evelina - A tulip field with electric pink color as far as the eye can see.
    Delphine - An ancient redwood in the misty morning dew.
    Juliet - A scorching summer day along the river.
    Alexandra - A pebbly beach covered in a thick blanket of fog and the waves crashing upon the shore.
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    Boys: Adrian || August || Bennett || Elliott || Ezra || Foster || Joel || Lowe || Porter || Weston

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