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    Names with the best imagery -- Your favorites

    Sometimes I fall in love with names for the sound of them and other times for their meaning, but sometimes I fall in love with them just because of the wonderful image I get of the type of person someone with that name might be. It is always fun to have people comment on the imagery they have of my favorite names, so I thought it would be fun to get some discussion going about the names that have the nicest imagery to you! The imagery might be literal (such as thinking about warmth, sweatshirts, and the crunch of leaves when you think of the name Autumn) or totally unrelated (such as always picturing a girl named Lavender as splashing in mud puddles outside and making up sweet songs to sing to her dolls, or thinking of a boy named Drew as studious and withdrawn). I am very interested in hearing about the names you love and what kind of person or things you picture when you hear them!

    As a note: I know that everyone's personality is different and that an Autumn might turn out to be an unfriendly, very serious person, that a girl named Lavender might not be able to carry a tune, and that Drew might be the most sociable, fun-loving person in his class. I guess the point is, no matter what kind of personalities my future children have, I want them to have names with pleasant mental pictures. I won't be tied to hoping my child turns out to fit the images I have of his or her name, but having one or more great pictures of the name just might be the deciding factor in whether I choose the name.
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