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    I understand 100% that you want to honor your grandmother! My daughter and younger son have first and middle honoring names. You didn't even read what I said, did you? I never said go and pick a random name for the first name at all. Like your boyfriends nephew, Ethan Nobel, he was using both names to honor people. So, what if you used the first name to honor someone else?

    I'm not saying you have to, I'm making a suggestion.
    Also, I am not trying to be rude, but when posting on a forum for opinions of names, you have to be willing to take comments that don't just say fluff about how much they love your choices. I was just giving my opinion, and being honest. There's no fault in that.

    You asked for opinions here:
    Quote Originally Posted by kellymarie1992 View Post
    Does Amy and Emily sound ok together.
    That said, I think Amelia, Amy, Emily, and Millie are all nice choices, but too similar to each other for siblings for my taste.
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    Excuse me I have been on here longer than you and I am a member of many other forums and while I know not everyone will love the names I like including my own boyfriend. - I was not even talking to you in my comment I was talking to millies_mom. - And how can I even reply to your comment when I have no idea what it even means 'plethora of issues having two daughters with forms of the same name'.

    He only has both names because he was going to be the only child (and he is 10 years older than my daughter) and not because he was going to be named after a family member and then a brother/sister was too. - This is the thing we don't agree on I wanted Harriett after my grandmother which he doesnt like, Phyllis & Beatrice he says are too old, Edna (his grandmother), I thought of Eden which he liked but has now changed his mind.

    We like Lucy, Holly, Heidi, Abigail, Felicity, Freya, Fiona, Kaitlyn, Bethany/Bethan, Adelaide, Stella. - Another problem I have is I don't like repeating initals e.g. A.A.K or A.K.K. etc. - doesnt have to be 2 MN's but I love Lavender.

    Boys names are pretty much set in stone Henry John David & ........ Edward Stephen - Possibly FN Arran, William or Freddie are our top choices.

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    I used to babysit twins Emily & Amelia (Amy & Emmy). I think they're sweet together, if a bit matchy. I despise Millicent/Millie...sounds mealy and icky to me.

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    I just have to see as his fave is Millie.

    would Emiliana nn Millie be ok.

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    I think Amy-Louise and Emily (Lulu and Millie) would make an adorable, well-matched, meaningful pair! Emily Lavender May is a beautiful combination, definitely my favorite Good luck to you!
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