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    I sincerely, and respectfully, believe that you should keep looking for a first name for your second daughter. However, in light of the context that I now better understand, I would encourage you to use either Emily or Millie as a middle name instead. This way, you could still honour your great grandmother while also giving your new daughter a name that will be distinctly her own.
    Exactly this. Whilst they are all beautiful names, I feel like you would run into a plethora of issues having two daughters with forms of the same name.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kellymarie1992 View Post
    Amelia & Emily are both my great grandmothers names. my daughter is named after Amelia who' NN was Amy (in her early years her NN was Millie but she didnt like it when she got older). Emily her NN was Emi when she was younger but changed it to Millie when she got older. - So Amy & Millie mean something to Me.
    I think we need to listen to what @kellymarie is saying: Amelia/Amy, Emily/Millie are all family names, and they mean a lot to her. She already has a daughter named Amy-Louise, after her great grandmother. I think Amy and Emily make a wonderful sibset, as Emily can go by Millie if she wants. I love the combination Emily Lavender May, followed by Emily Freya Rose.
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    How hard is it that bit to understand - I want my daughters to be named after my great grandmothers Amelia & Emily as my boyfriends nephew is named after my boyfriends great grandmothers Ethel & Mabel (Ethan Nobel) - As he was a miracle child so he got both grandparents names in 1.

    I'm sorry for wanting my children to be named after family and have a name that means something and not just a name that we found that we liked so we used that. - Names like Jordan, Riley, Rowan (Boys & girls being called), Alyvia, Alizabeth, Yessica (Names people have stupidly changed letters for) or Ja'nieece Leeigh, Ja'Niyla Maree ones people have made up etc.

    Thank You kyemsma - Someone who agrees with me . - Amy goes by LuLu or Louie 99.5% of the time the other 0.5% of the time it's Amy, Amy-Lou or Amy-Louise (when she's naughty). - That was what I was thinking Emily being called Millie. - Lavender was my grandmothers favourite flower and Freya is a variation of my grandad's name Fred.
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    Emily Freya Rose is lovely, I don't think Amy and Emily are too similar at all - both are classics and nn LuLu and Millie are definitely not too close as nicknames.

    If you're still considering other options (leaving out Amelia and her variations, and those previously mentioned):

    Other Em- names - Emma, Emerald

    Other names to get Millie - Camille/Camilla, Romilly, Milena

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    I dont really like variations of Amelia, Emilia, Emelea etc. - Although I do like Emiliana.

    I dont get what the big deal is I know there close but said differently Aim-Mee & Em-I-Lee.

    I do love Emerald but I'm unsure how it will be on a older women. - Emma I like but I know too many.
    I like Romilly & Milena but he doesn't. - Camilla/Camille cant be used due to the royal family.

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