View Poll Results: Which middle name do you like best with Alexander?

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  • Blaise

    8 16.00%
  • Constantine

    8 16.00%
  • Crispin

    2 4.00%
  • Franciszek

    0 0%
  • Frederic/k/Fryderyk

    5 10.00%
  • Leopold

    8 16.00%
  • Nicolai

    9 18.00%
  • Percival

    0 0%
  • Solomon

    9 18.00%
  • Valentin

    1 2.00%
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    Which middle for Alexander?

    We've finally managed to get the long list down to a final top ten, although I have a few minor concerns about some of the choices. Which of these Alexander combos do you like best with brother William Balthazar and potential future sisters Catherine Ophelia and Isobel Theophania?

    Alexander Blaise - My great-great-great grandfather's name was Blasius.

    Alexander Constantine - Definitely a strong front-runner. I just wonder if there's too much "great"ness in the combo. Alexander the Great and Constantine the Great immediately come to mind whenever I hear those names.

    Alexander Crispin - One of my ultimate favorite names, but hubby doesn't share the same love for it that I do, unfortunately. I could probably talk him into it -- he likes it well enough -- but I should probably just let this one go...

    Alexander Franciszek - DH is getting better at pronouncing it -- he gets it right about half the time -- but it's my least favorite on this list.

    Alexander Frederic/k - This one actually wasn't on the previous list, but DH re-suggested it the other night (it was one of his faves for a first name), and it was kind of like a light bulb went off. I particularly love the idea of spelling it Frederic in honor of Frederic Chopin, my favorite composer. It also indirectly honors my Polish heritage, since Chopin, of course, is pretty much the most famous Polish composer of all time (despite the Frenchified name -- he was born Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin). I'm not opposed to Fryderyk either, actually, but I think I like Frederic best.

    Alexander Leopold - This was our front-runner for a couple of days, until I noticed how similar the beginning of Leopold is to the beginning of Theophania. Still really love the combo, but I think we could only use if we gave up Theophania, and that's not happening. (Or if we could somehow be guaranteed to only have one daughter...)

    Alexander Nicolai - My hold-out on this one is that Balthazar and Theophania are both names related to Epiphany, while Nicolai (via Nicholas) feels very Christmas-y to me, which leaves Catherine Ophelia out of a Christmas-season related name.

    Alexander Percival

    Alexander Solomon - I think I may like the meaning of Solomon ("peace") more than the actual name itself -- how awesome a meaning is "defending men's peace"? -- but I do like it, and hubby loves it.

    Alexander Valentin - Valentine's Day is a very significant day for us, because it was the day we met and the day we got engaged (a year apart). I'm not sure I love it with Alexander, though, with the similar Al-/Val- beginnings.
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    I think Alexander Solomon is so handsome! My second choice would be Alexander Fredrick
    Not expecting, just having fun collecting names!

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    I was starting to think I'd dreamed up this thread, it was all the way back on page three! There's some serious action in the boy forum at the moment.

    I want Alexander's middle name to be fun and cool. These are my favourites:
    Alexander Crispin
    Alexander Leopold
    Alexander Percival

    But then I read your comments. So I'm taking Crispin away, and Leopold and there was no comments on Percival which makes me think you're kind of lukewarm about the whole thing...

    And then I saw Alexander Frederic. Frederic is not exactly fun but I love the significance it holds for you. Chopin is one of my favourites as well, his music is beautiful. And then I thought; Little Women! How amazing is Friedrich? I'm not suggesting you should use the German spelling, but it's the same name. So I'm throwing my vote for Alexander Frederic (I like the Polish spelling as well). Or... you could use Chopin. Alexander Chopin sounds dashing.
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    Alexander Solomon jumped out at me! I also like the long fn with the shorter Blaise and Crispin. While I like the names themselves, the only combos I don't like are Alexander Percival (Der-Per), Alexander Constantine (yeah, those Greats are a bit much! ) and Alexander Frederick (Der-Der).
    All the best,

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    Alexander Solomon and Alexander Nicolai are my favorites!
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