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    Is this baby girl name too off the wall?

    Hello Fellow Berries!

    We're not sure if we're expecting a boy or a girl yet, but I've been playing around with the name Colima for a little girl.

    My DH's grandmother came from the city/state of Colima in Mexico and the name isn't really on any lists (which I love.) The name translates to "to place in the hands of the ancestors" which I also thought was fitting and pretty.

    However, I've recently begun to question it. I'm wondering if it's too unique. : ) I'm a chronic overthinker and will most likely do this with any name.

    Would appreciate your feedback!!!

    Thank you!

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    It has a pretty sound and I like how it has a connection to your family. The literal meaning is nice too. Do you say it cuh-lee-mah or coll-ih-mah? There's also Cosima (cawz-ih-mah) which is a legitimate Greek name with centuries of history. Having a unique name is [usually] great! But be prepared for pronunciation/spelling corrections.
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    Colima is interesting...can't decide if I like it or Paloma!

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    Thanks for the input! The pronunciation would be "Co" (as in co-ed) lima "lee-ma" : )

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    I think Colima is rather sweet. It is a little out there, but no more so than any other location name. Think of Merida which was way off the radar before "Brave". I like Colima and I love the family significance and think nn's Lima and Coma would both be cute.
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