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    Sorry for being the Doris Downer of the thread and putting so many names on the don't-list

    Usable as first names:
    Amaris; I know an Amaris!
    Anemone; One of the more common flower names in Denmark, not a name I'd ever use myself, but I don't see a problem with it.
    Avila; I hear this and I immediately think "surname", but I do think that it could work as a first.
    Caledon; Though hestitant about using place names myself, this sounds like a "real" name to me.
    Carnelian; I love this and I love the mineral as well.
    Cinnabar; Makes me think of (the lovely) Finnbarr.
    Njord; Rising fast here in Denmark, I know several little Njord's (and a Fjord).
    Vionnet; I like the sound of it.

    Middle name department:
    Aalto; Would go for Alto myself.
    Austell; But only if one has a connection to St Austell/Austell, Georgia.
    Chapin; I like it, reminds me of Chopin.
    Chiltern; I suppose this could be used.
    Clarendon; That is a font, isn't it? but I suppose Clarendon could write his name with the type-face Clarendon on business cards etc.
    Colbran; I put it on the middle name list only because of Isabella Colbran, because 'koldbrand' is the Danish equivalent of gangrene.
    Cyan; It's alright.
    Dacre; Don't really like it, but I wouldn't say it's completely unusable.
    Darragh; I would put this on the first name list, but only if one's got a connection to Ireland.
    Eero; Ah, makes me think of Eero Saarinen.
    Elko; Prefer Elka (for a girl).
    Evodie; Sounds weird to me.
    Florizel; I know he is a Shakespeare character, but this name sounds like antidepressants.
    Gallant; I kinda like the idea of this as a middle name (for a boy).
    Japhy; Sounds more like a nickname though.
    Jubalus; Don't like it, but not terrible.
    Judicael; I think I prefer Yezekael, but Judicael is usable.
    Kathini; Don't like it, but not terrible.
    Kenzo; Again a name I would put in a nickname section, if not a nickname, I wouldn't use it unless I had some connection to Japan.
    Loveday; I really like this as a middle name.
    Magenta; I never liked the colour Magenta, but I suppose one could use it as a name.
    Meraud; This is the surname of one of my French friends.
    Nimra; Alright.
    Notus; The Greek god of the South Wind, it's alright.
    Ochre; Looks and sounds weird to me.
    Paavo; I think this might be dated in Finland, but it's a sweet name.
    Queenie and Reine; Yay to Reine (Reina), nay to Queenie.
    Quoyle; Doesn't appeal to me, but it's alright as a middle.
    Ravelin/Revelin; I really love Ravelin (reminds me of Adelin which I can't use without William).
    Rosewell; I don't like it.
    Serlo; Alright.
    Sinai; Very biblical, perhaps a little too much?
    Soutine; Sou-TIN or Sou-TEEN? I think it lose its appeal if pronounced sou-TEEN.
    Tanaquil; Tanaquil LeClercq had a rather sad faith (getting polio which paralysed her from the waist down), but was very admirable. Definitely suitable.
    Tinker; Not for me, but at least it's not as bad as Tinkerbell.
    Urthelmine; Sounds very German to me.
    Valiant; Great middle name.
    Winship; I think I prefer Winston, but it's alright I guess.

    Would personally throw right out:
    Absolute; The word absolute names me think of absolutism/autocracy which I'm very much opposed.
    Answer; Not really.
    Assisi; Excluded this because of Francis of Assisi - if one want to honour him, I think Francis would be a more obvious option.
    Beauty; Much too sugarsweet.
    Belief; Nope.
    Calm; What if the child doesn't turn out calm?
    Courage; Nope.
    Dalliance; Nope.
    Ethereal; Sugarsweet.
    Exodus; Makes me think of a very sweet Doug/Carol episode of ER, but not so sweet I would use it on a child.
    Future; Nope.
    Gaze; "Gazebind" are roll bandages in Danish.
    Glance; Sounds weird as a name because of ... other meanings.
    Glider; Nope.
    Joyous; Way too sugarsweet.
    Kimbrough; Not really.
    Kyne; Nope.
    Listener; Sugarsweet.
    Loewy; Not really.
    Lowry; No.
    Lowen; Makes me think of "lower", all I could hear when saying 'Lowen' out loud was "lower your expectations!"
    Midnight; Don't care for word names.
    Mindwell; This just sounds weird.
    Parilee; Really don't like it.
    Persia; Don't really care for place names.
    Pharaoh; That would be like calling your daughter Empress or your son Tsar (or your daughter Khaleesi, ahem) - waaaaaay to grandiose.
    Pinch; I think I would keep it as a nickname, if any.
    Pleasance; Way too sugarsweet.
    Pliny; Sounds very nicknamey.
    Preserve; Not really.
    Providence; Nope.
    Rejoice; Very sugarsweet.
    Rejoiner; Nope.
    Savory; and Sweet?
    Service; Not really.
    Sligo; Again, not here for place names.
    Solitude; Nope.
    Spaulding; Sounds weird.
    Thankful; Too sugarsweet.
    Timely; Not really.
    Tranqueline; First thought was tranquillizer.
    Truelove; Sugarsweet.
    Union; Nope.
    Upshire; I think the name very much indicates that it is a town.
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