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    I just left in the ones I think don't sound like names at all and should be GPs, tossed in the bin, or maybe VERY bold middles. The ones I deleted I wouldn't necessarily use, but I could see them working as names.

    Clarendon - is a suburb of DC and a metro station I often get off at (a friend lives there.) It's a pretty boring area. Not somewhere I'd name a kid after unless it held some special significance.
    Providence - I could see this one working. It's Pilgrim-y.
    Savory - sounds like the parents are cannibals. Actually LOLing at this one.
    Urthelmine - hideous, but it seems solidly like an actual name
    Tranqueline - definitely too much like trampoline and tranquillizer
    Pleasance - Another pilgrim-y one I can see possibly working.
    Gaze - you just know someone would spell it "Gays"
    Beauty - definitely a bit much
    Valiant - was a villain on Merlin
    Midnight - what you name your black hamster
    Dalliance - wow, that's a bad one. Why not just name your child Tryst? Or Affair? Or Fling?
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    Dacre (DAY-kur)- I think this could work as a first name
    Chapin (CHAY-pin)- I think this would work better as a middle name, though could probably be used as a first
    Ochre (o-kur) - The first thing I thought of was Ogre... so I am thinking GP
    Gallant- I say GP
    Kimbrough (m)- Best as a middle I believe
    Mindwell (f)- I think it could work as a cool middle name
    Lowry- First name, I actually really like it
    Parilee (f)- I think it could be an ultra trendy name as a first
    Pharaoh- I think it could be a middle
    Pliny- I say GP
    Preserve- Keep GP
    Absolute - GP for sure
    Providence- Keep as GP
    Rejoiner- It MIGHT be able to work as a middle, unsure though
    Rosewell (m) - I can only picture it on a girl because of Rose in the beginning, so first for girl, middle for boy
    Savory (m) - Could work as a middle I think
    Service- Keep as a GP
    Sinai- Could possibly work as a first
    Solitude (f)- Definitely keep as GP
    Spaulding- Might be able to work as a middle, I don't think it could as a first though
    Tinker - I actually know a Tinker, haha so I obviously think it is usable as a first
    Thankful- Keep as a GP
    Truelove- GP for sure
    Upshire - I think it could be a cool middle name
    Urthelmine - GP I think
    Union- Could maybe work as a middle
    Winship- I think it could work as a first name for a little boy
    Vionnet - I think it could work as a first
    Tranqueline - Yes, too much of both, GP
    Timely - I say GP only
    Rejoice - GP
    Tanaquil - I think it could work as a middle
    Queenie and Reine - eh, I'm sure it could work as a first but I think it would suit better as a middle
    Persia - Could work as a first
    Pleasance- GP
    Nimra- Could possibly work as a middle
    Millay - Could work as a first name
    Magenta - I think it could work as a first name with all of the color names working now
    Listener- GP only
    Loveday- GP
    Joyous- GP
    Kathini- I think it could work as a middle
    Glance - Possibly a middle
    Gaze- I know a Glaze, but not Gaze. I think it could be a first name
    Florizel- I think it could work as a middle
    Evodie - First name, I think it is cute too
    Avila- I think it could work as a first
    Ethereal- GP
    Beauty - GP only
    Meraud- middle name
    Future- GP
    Anemone - reminds me of Nemo... GP
    Valiant- Cool middle
    Soutine- I think it could work as a middle
    Judicael- GP
    Serlo- Middle
    Glider- GP
    Darragh - I think it could work as a first
    Sligo - Middle name
    Ravelin/Revelin- Could be a first
    Quoyle - GP
    Pinch - Nickname only for sure, GP
    Paavo - I think it could be a first
    Notus- Middle
    Midnight- Middle
    Austell - First name
    Eero - First
    Clarendon - First
    Chiltern - Middle
    Colbran- First
    Caledon - First name for sure
    Aalto- Could work as a first
    Njord- Middle
    Lowen - I think it could work as a first
    Kyne- First, I like it
    Loewy- Middle
    Kenzo - Could work as a first
    Jubalus- Middle
    Japhy- GP
    Elko - Middle for boy only
    Dalliance - GP
    Cyan - First, I like it
    Cinnabar- GP
    Courage- GP
    Carnelian- Possibly middle
    Calm- GP
    Exodus- GP
    Belief- GP
    Answer- GP
    Amaris - I think it could work as a first
    Always- GP
    Assisi - GP, Ass is too big in the name in my opinion

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    Lowry (This seems really reasonable compared to some of the others. Love the literary association)
    Providence (Would fit right in with all the Cadences. Not one of my favorites, but it could work)
    Winship (Now this is interesting! I quite like it!)
    Vionnet (Pretty. I'm not familiar with the designer,so it would depend how strong the association is for others)
    Pleasance (Virtue names can be tricky, but it has a nice sound)
    Millay (Similar enough to Millie to work.)
    Magenta (I love this as a name!)
    Joyous (Why not, if Joy works)
    Kathini (Kind of cute, but I would stick with the classics)
    Evodie (This feels right on trend with popular Nameberry names)
    Avila (If you're the type that likes place names)
    Meraud (I really like this one!)
    Judicael (Why not? I think this is interesting)
    Darragh (I like this)
    Paavo (This seems wearable, but spelling may be an issue)
    Austell (But I live close to a city with this name, so it's hard to imagine on a person)
    Eero (This sounds fun)
    Colbran (Like Cole and Brandon, or Corbin. I can see this working)
    Caledon (This has been a guilty pleasure for me, but I really think it could work)
    Aalto (I know someone with this name, so it works for me)
    Lowen (My thoughts exactly. Fits right in with Rowan and Bowen)
    Kyne (This is my cousin's name. He wears it well.)
    Kenzo (This is a fun one)
    Elko (Like this one, too!)
    Cyan (Definitely wearable)

    Maybe Middles:
    Dacre (Depending on what it means, it could be a toss. Too many pronunciation hassles for a first)
    Chapin (Kind of sounds like chafing. This is leaning toward toss)
    Amaris (I think this sounds too much like amorous, but I actually know someone with this name)
    Gallant (I would say first if "gall" didn't have negative connotations.
    Pharaoh (Maybe. Only if you're the type to name your kid "King" and "Kaiser... otherwise toss it)
    Rosewell (Ha. Someone [male] very close to me has this name. He hates it)
    Sinai (Interesting, but sounds like cyanide)
    Spaulding (Sports connotation is too strong)
    Solitude (Kind of lonesome sounding, don't you think?)
    Timely (Nice sound, but can you imagine all of the jokes?)
    Rejoice (I think it would be misheard a lot. The re- might get lost in the hearing)
    Tanaquil (Could be pretty, but sounds like a sleeping pill to me)
    Queenie and Reine (I think title names are very cheesy)
    Persia (Reminds me of the cat. And the rug. And, you know, Persians.)
    Nimra (Sounds like nimrod, therefore reminds me of an idiot)
    Listener (Could be sweet in the middle. It's another one of those difficult virtue-type names)
    Glance (This is kind of interesting to me)
    Gaze (Also interesting. Not crazy about most common word names in the first name position)
    Florizel (Unless you're really brave, then maybe as a first name. Lovely)
    Beauty (I think it's horrible, but if Belle works...)
    Future (Cheesy, but doable.)
    Anemone (They're not the friendliest plant...)
    Valiant (Difficult name to wear)
    Soutine (I'm not sure how to pronounce this, but it sounds like saltine in my head)
    Serlo (Unattractive sound, and I'm not sure about the associations)
    Glider (Weird, but not necessarily unwearable.)
    Sligo (Unusual sound. Not sure how wearable it is)
    Quoyle (Very similar to quail, but that's not necessarily bad)
    Ravelin/Revelin (Like raveling? I'm not sure about this one...)
    Midnight (If you give birth to a black horse, maybe)
    Clarendon (Makes me think of DC)
    Njord (Seems very difficult to wear)
    Loewy (Sounds too surnamey and nicknamey to really work for me)
    Jubalus (Feels a little comical when I say it)
    Cinnabar (I only think of Cinnabon)
    Courage (Difficult virtue name)
    Carnelian (Maybe as a first.)
    Calm (Like Solitude)
    Exodus (I guess it's useable, but I think it's cheesy)
    Answer (But it's so cheesy)

    Ochre (Ochre=okra. Not an attractive name)
    Kimbrough (This just looks and sounds really weird. Maybe as a middle, but I would just toss)
    Mindwell (This is just asking for trouble!)
    Parilee (Just one syllable away from paralegal)
    Pliny (Reminds me of puny)
    Preserve (Like jams and jellies? Persevere would be okay in the middle)
    Absolute (Absolut vodka)
    Rejoiner (Like a rejoinder? The connotation is so negative, here. Not at all usable.)
    Savory (This feels more tied to the actual act of eating than even food names)
    Service (Too many sexual connotations. Maybe as a middle, but I would toss it)
    Tinker (This is the euphemism my mom used for penises)
    Thankful (I bet the child won't be)
    Truelove (Cheesy)
    Upshire (Upchuck)
    Urthelmine (Maybe a middle if the "u" becomes an "e". Otherwise it looks too much like urethra.)
    Union (Western Union, civil union, Union Army... I just don't see it)
    Tranqueline (Too much like trampoline and tranquilizer)
    Loveday (Unless it's a family surname, I would toss it)
    Ethereal (Kind of depressing)
    Pinch (Only as a nickname for a very small child)
    Notus (*Notice. I just don't like it...)
    Chiltern (Reminds me of the way my grandmother says "children")
    Japhy (The more you say the name, the sillier it sounds)
    Dalliance (Does Dalliance have a brother named Tryst?
    Belief (Belief doesn't mean anything out of a context)
    Always (Will get twisted to "all ways", and that's when the jokes start)
    Assisi (sounds like "a sissy". It's also tied strongly to Mr. Francis)

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    What an interesting list, Mischa!

    Dacre — 3
    Chapin — I know a Chapin. I think it's a cool name and it suits him. 1
    Ochre — Sounds like ogre. 3
    Gallant — 2
    Kimbrough (m) — Kim prefix is too far gone to the girls. 3
    Mindwell (f) — Awkward. 3
    Lowry — Like the seasoning salt? If it weren't for that association, I'd say it would work. 2
    Parilee (f) — Kinda like it! 1
    Pharaoh — Cool for middle. 2
    Pliny — 3
    Preserve — 3
    Absolute — To me, this is all vodka. 3
    Providence — Cool as a middle! 2
    Rejoiner — 3
    Rosewell (m) — I could like it on a girl. Not fair to saddle a boy with a name that starts with "Rose" IMO. 1
    Savory (m) — Sounds sexualized. 3
    Service — Also has sexual undertones to me. 3
    Sinai — Wouldn't want a first name that starts with "sin" 2
    Solitude (f) — Sad! 3
    Spaulding — Middle 2
    Tinker - if we have Tucker why not Tinker? — Because it's Tinkerbell. 3
    Thankful — Could be an interesting middle depending on one's culture. 2
    Truelove — I could only see this working for a culture outside of the US 3
    Upshire — Stuffy but could be a middle 2
    Urthelmine — Mouthful of awkward and not attractive. 3
    Union — Cool middle! 2
    Winship — Middle 2
    Vionnet - French surname of a fashion designer— Lovely! 1
    Tranqueline - too much like trampoline or perhaps tranquillizer?— Yes, it is. 3
    Timely - this is kind of cute— Ha, could be, depending on the birth story. 2
    Rejoice — Cool middle, especially for a pastoral/religious family perhaps. 2
    Tanaquil — Depends on the pronunciation. 2
    Queenie and Reine - same title but different languages — 2
    Persia - the new India— Agreed! 1
    Pleasance — Is that a word? 3
    Nimra — Nimrod. 3
    Magenta — Could work for a very ecclectic couple's choice! "Maggie" as nn could bring it back down to earth. 1
    Listener — 3
    Loveday — 2
    Joyous — 2
    Kathini — Interesting! 1
    Glance — 3
    Gaze — 2
    Florizel— 2
    Evodie - this is pretty!— Agreed! 1
    Avila — Pronunciation? 1
    Beauty - a bit much, no? — Yes but in another culture, where English is a second language, perhaps, it could work. 2
    Meraud — Interesting. 1
    Anemone - a rare flower name— Like sea anenome? Sounds a little too much like "enemy." 2
    Soutine — Hmm, could work! Depending on the meaning...? 1
    Judicael — Could maybe work 2
    Serlo — I could see it. 1
    Glider — Sexualized. 3
    Darragh - popular male name in Ireland— Pronunciation issues, but I love Irish names. 1
    Sligo - place name in Ireland*— Sounds a little like slug. 3
    Ravelin/Revelin — Maybe, prefer the latter. 1
    Quoyle - too much like quail?— Yes, too much. 3
    Pinch - cute nn only? —Yes, only as nn. 3
    Paavo - Finnish for Paul— If you're Finnish, then sure! 1
    Notus — Like POTUS, SCOTUS, (govt. acronyms) nah. 3
    Midnight — I have heard of this name given to a boy. It worked on him, somehow. I'd say middle, though. 2
    Austell - place name and saint name— Cool! 1
    Eero - Finnish — Like euro? 3
    Clarendon - sounds aristocratic — 2
    Chiltern - hills in England3
    Colbran — Fits right in with Colby, Colton, etc. 1
    Caledon - place name in Canada2
    Lowen - There's Rowan and Bowen so why not Lowen? — "The caaattle are Lowen, the poor baby wakes..." 3
    Kyne — 2
    Kenzo - Japanese— I could definitely see this catching on. 1
    Jubalus — 2
    Elko - unisex — 1
    Dalliance - unisex — 2
    Cyan - a great alternative to Cheyenne— Totally. And color names are in. 1
    Courage — 2
    Carnelian — Cool sound. 1
    Exodus —3
    Belief — 2
    Amaris - too much like amorous? — Yep. 3
    Always — 2
    Assisi - place name in Italy*— No "ass" names. It's a rule. 3

    Whew! I really started to regret my whole color-coding thing about halfway through that. Lol.
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    Sorry for being the Doris Downer of the thread and putting so many names on the don't-list

    Usable as first names:
    Amaris; I know an Amaris!
    Anemone; One of the more common flower names in Denmark, not a name I'd ever use myself, but I don't see a problem with it.
    Avila; I hear this and I immediately think "surname", but I do think that it could work as a first.
    Caledon; Though hestitant about using place names myself, this sounds like a "real" name to me.
    Carnelian; I love this and I love the mineral as well.
    Cinnabar; Makes me think of (the lovely) Finnbarr.
    Njord; Rising fast here in Denmark, I know several little Njord's (and a Fjord).
    Vionnet; I like the sound of it.

    Middle name department:
    Aalto; Would go for Alto myself.
    Austell; But only if one has a connection to St Austell/Austell, Georgia.
    Chapin; I like it, reminds me of Chopin.
    Chiltern; I suppose this could be used.
    Clarendon; That is a font, isn't it? but I suppose Clarendon could write his name with the type-face Clarendon on business cards etc.
    Colbran; I put it on the middle name list only because of Isabella Colbran, because 'koldbrand' is the Danish equivalent of gangrene.
    Cyan; It's alright.
    Dacre; Don't really like it, but I wouldn't say it's completely unusable.
    Darragh; I would put this on the first name list, but only if one's got a connection to Ireland.
    Eero; Ah, makes me think of Eero Saarinen.
    Elko; Prefer Elka (for a girl).
    Evodie; Sounds weird to me.
    Florizel; I know he is a Shakespeare character, but this name sounds like antidepressants.
    Gallant; I kinda like the idea of this as a middle name (for a boy).
    Japhy; Sounds more like a nickname though.
    Jubalus; Don't like it, but not terrible.
    Judicael; I think I prefer Yezekael, but Judicael is usable.
    Kathini; Don't like it, but not terrible.
    Kenzo; Again a name I would put in a nickname section, if not a nickname, I wouldn't use it unless I had some connection to Japan.
    Loveday; I really like this as a middle name.
    Magenta; I never liked the colour Magenta, but I suppose one could use it as a name.
    Meraud; This is the surname of one of my French friends.
    Nimra; Alright.
    Notus; The Greek god of the South Wind, it's alright.
    Ochre; Looks and sounds weird to me.
    Paavo; I think this might be dated in Finland, but it's a sweet name.
    Queenie and Reine; Yay to Reine (Reina), nay to Queenie.
    Quoyle; Doesn't appeal to me, but it's alright as a middle.
    Ravelin/Revelin; I really love Ravelin (reminds me of Adelin which I can't use without William).
    Rosewell; I don't like it.
    Serlo; Alright.
    Sinai; Very biblical, perhaps a little too much?
    Soutine; Sou-TIN or Sou-TEEN? I think it lose its appeal if pronounced sou-TEEN.
    Tanaquil; Tanaquil LeClercq had a rather sad faith (getting polio which paralysed her from the waist down), but was very admirable. Definitely suitable.
    Tinker; Not for me, but at least it's not as bad as Tinkerbell.
    Urthelmine; Sounds very German to me.
    Valiant; Great middle name.
    Winship; I think I prefer Winston, but it's alright I guess.

    Would personally throw right out:
    Absolute; The word absolute names me think of absolutism/autocracy which I'm very much opposed.
    Answer; Not really.
    Assisi; Excluded this because of Francis of Assisi - if one want to honour him, I think Francis would be a more obvious option.
    Beauty; Much too sugarsweet.
    Belief; Nope.
    Calm; What if the child doesn't turn out calm?
    Courage; Nope.
    Dalliance; Nope.
    Ethereal; Sugarsweet.
    Exodus; Makes me think of a very sweet Doug/Carol episode of ER, but not so sweet I would use it on a child.
    Future; Nope.
    Gaze; "Gazebind" are roll bandages in Danish.
    Glance; Sounds weird as a name because of ... other meanings.
    Glider; Nope.
    Joyous; Way too sugarsweet.
    Kimbrough; Not really.
    Kyne; Nope.
    Listener; Sugarsweet.
    Loewy; Not really.
    Lowry; No.
    Lowen; Makes me think of "lower", all I could hear when saying 'Lowen' out loud was "lower your expectations!"
    Midnight; Don't care for word names.
    Mindwell; This just sounds weird.
    Parilee; Really don't like it.
    Persia; Don't really care for place names.
    Pharaoh; That would be like calling your daughter Empress or your son Tsar (or your daughter Khaleesi, ahem) - waaaaaay to grandiose.
    Pinch; I think I would keep it as a nickname, if any.
    Pleasance; Way too sugarsweet.
    Pliny; Sounds very nicknamey.
    Preserve; Not really.
    Providence; Nope.
    Rejoice; Very sugarsweet.
    Rejoiner; Nope.
    Savory; and Sweet?
    Service; Not really.
    Sligo; Again, not here for place names.
    Solitude; Nope.
    Spaulding; Sounds weird.
    Thankful; Too sugarsweet.
    Timely; Not really.
    Tranqueline; First thought was tranquillizer.
    Truelove; Sugarsweet.
    Union; Nope.
    Upshire; I think the name very much indicates that it is a town.
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