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    So we are having a second baby girl and we are so excited. However, we are having some name confusion. My husband wants to name her Ella and use the nn Ellie. However as much I love the name Ella, it is getting very popular and I now know at least three little girls called Ella. I do however like the nn Ellie as it would be cute for when she is young and it sounds good with our surname so we are trying to find a less common name to give her that we can still use this nickname with.

    We're not fond of:

    We really like:

    Please tell us which of these you like best and also if you have any other suggest other names which the nn Ellie could be used with.

    Her big sister is Avia Nicole if that helps.

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    I love Eloise and Elodie! I find Elise a little down market where I'm from so I wouldn't recommend that...

    Ava & Eloise are perfect together, they sound so pretty!

    Elspeth or Electra/Elektra are more uncommon options, or you have the trendier Eliana?

    Elsa or Elsie would be cute, both are very common in the UK.

    Otherwise you could consider any names like Danielle/a, Annabelle, Isabelle etc. They can all potentially have Ellie has a nickname!

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    I like all three options! I think if I have to choose my favorite is Eloise. If you're looking for other names how about
    Ellison or even Elliot if unisex names appeal to you
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    My sister's name is Elizabeth and we call her Ellie.

    Out of the three you suggested, I like Elodie they best. However, I like Melody even more than that, just the way it flows off of your tongue so smoothly. I also really like the Elena/Helena combo (Ell- ay- na)/(hell-ay-na) as possibilities

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    I love Eloise, so charming!

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