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Thread: Eoin?

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    Still searching for the perfect boys name. My husband and I both like John Henry a lot but my fear is that it would get shorted to John or Johnny and I really dislike that. I only like when whole name John Henry used. That said, looking into either ideas and came across Owen. But then saw how popular it has become?! Particularly in my province I think it was like #16 last year. So what about Eoin? Pronounced the same as Owen but the Gaelic spelling? Is this too weird?? My two daughters are named Mhairi and Fiona so we are def into the gaelic names but their spellings are pretty normal..I'm worried Eoin might be too out there. Would you think it was dumb if you saw it spelled this way and wonder why they didn't just spell it Owen? I like that it's the gaelic version of John but just a little more interesting. Anyway, honest feedback appreciated!! Haven't even run it by my husband yet so he may veto it anyway haha I like to start here for feedback!
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    I find Fiona and Owen/Eoin a bit matchy in sound. Have you considered Ewan or Evan?
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    I love it, this spelling is great.

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    When I saw Eoin, I thought it was prn Ian. I really love John Henry. You just have to reinforce his name. There is a little boy at church who goes by John Thomas and it isn't a problem.

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    I agree that Owen/Eoin and Fiona are super close for siblings.

    Here's some other variations for John:
    Wren (03.08), Estella (05.10), Blair (10.11), and Yves (12.13).

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