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  • Put one as the first name, and the other in the middle.

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  • Use one and save the second for a future son.

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    babtr1ll Guest

    Question Three names - but only two boys! :/

    Right. So I'm having twin boys, and the first name - Arthur, is set. But the second is a toss up between Jude and Frederick. Should I use one as a first and the other in the middle, or should I save the one I don't use for a future son?

    P.S. We do intend to have more children, but I really do love both names!

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    What happened to Sebastien Leo?!? My advice is to use both only if you can come up with a combo you love as much as you love Arthur Florian (Edward). In other words, don't try to force it. At the same time, I never advise "saving" names for hypothetical sibs. You never know what the future will bring!

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    As long as you use Jude, and stick Frederick in the middle somewhere, I'd be happy. You'll have new favorite names by the time you have more kids.

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    I don't normally like two one-syllable names in a combo but Jude Wright just looks and sounds so awesome. I don't like the flow of the r's in Frederick Wright. Freddie Wright even trips up my tongue when I say it aloud a couple of times. I would use Frederick in the middle spot. There are plenty of names to choose from if you're blessed with more sons in the future.
    All the best,

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    I think Arthur Florian (Edward) is gorgeous, and I could so imagine him having a brother named Jude Frederick (_______).

    Arthur & Jude are gorgeous together.
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