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    Xanthe Ada Pistachio - while I don't mind Xanthe I'm not sure it works with Ivan

    Thora Violet Pistachio. Love this

    Agatha Liv Pistachio. This is my favorite with Ivan Eli

    Freya Winter Pistachio. Pretty

    Sylvie Clara Pistachio. I love Sylvie. I'm just not sure of the flow with Pistachio (or simalar surname)

    Maple Gwyneth Pistachio Pretty. Ivan and Maple is a maybe though

    Augusta Scarlett Pistachio love it, works well with Ivan

    Ophelia Vivi Pistachio pretty

    Luna Blythe Pistachio not sure Luna and Ivan work together?

    India Maeve Pistachio it's pretty.

    Verdandi Liv Pistachio* this is quite stunning. Verdi, Andi and Dandy make cute nn's

    Zuzu Alice Pistachio* I think Zuzu's really cute. With all the Molly's millys and Cocos running about its totally useable. Do I love it a. With Ivan, and b. with the 'surname' it's another maybe. It could work but there are other names that fit better.

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