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    Xanthe Ada Pistachio - while I don't mind Xanthe I'm not sure it works with Ivan

    Thora Violet Pistachio. Love this

    Agatha Liv Pistachio. This is my favorite with Ivan Eli

    Freya Winter Pistachio. Pretty

    Sylvie Clara Pistachio. I love Sylvie. I'm just not sure of the flow with Pistachio (or simalar surname)

    Maple Gwyneth Pistachio Pretty. Ivan and Maple is a maybe though

    Augusta Scarlett Pistachio love it, works well with Ivan

    Ophelia Vivi Pistachio pretty

    Luna Blythe Pistachio not sure Luna and Ivan work together?

    India Maeve Pistachio it's pretty.

    Verdandi Liv Pistachio* this is quite stunning. Verdi, Andi and Dandy make cute nn's

    Zuzu Alice Pistachio* I think Zuzu's really cute. With all the Molly's millys and Cocos running about its totally useable. Do I love it a. With Ivan, and b. with the 'surname' it's another maybe. It could work but there are other names that fit better.

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    Sigh.. All of these are too yoonik for me, as are most names on this site.

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    Xanthe Ada Pistachio**-- this is a little out there for my tastes personally, but I had a friend named Alexandra who went by Xan and I actually prefer the more exotic Xanthe to Alexandra. So I actually rather like this if you're bold enough to use it

    Thora Violet Pistachio- associate it with Thora Birch and only Thora Birch, so I just couldn't see myself using it. But that's just me. I think the combo is lovely.

    Agatha Liv Pistachio**-- personally I've never been much of a fan of Agatha. It's kind of like Agnes for me. A little too dated.

    Freya Winter Pistachio**-- I really rather like this.

    Sylvie Clara Pistachio-- I think I would like "Sylvia Claire" better. It just seems to flow a little better. You can still call her Sylvie!

    Maple Gwyneth Pistachio-- not really a fan.

    Augusta Scarlett Pistachio-- I really like Augusta. The name has good flow.

    Ophelia Vivi Pistachio-- I adore Ophelia but am a little thrown by the abruptness of Vivi. I'm not sure if it's the way two syllable middle name or the name itself.

    Luna Blythe Pistachio-- love this

    India Maeve Pistachio*-- like it, but not in love with it.

    Verdandi Liv Pistachio*-- not a fan of Verdandi.

    Zuzu Alice Pistachio*-- Zuzu sounds like a pet name. Sorry.

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    Xanthe Ada Pistachio** -- I like Xanthe - and know how to pronounce it - but be prepared for a lot of mispronunciation (if that doesn't bother you, I say go for it). Ada is okay... it kind of pales in comparison to the zip of Xanthe.

    Thora Violet Pistachio -- I really like Thora Violet. It is unusual, but not unheard of.

    Agatha Liv Pistachio** -- I do like this... I just can't picture Agatha on a little girl. And I like a lot of old lady names!

    Freya Winter Pistachio** -- I really like Freya Winter... might be my favorite combo on your list. It is strong, but ethereal. Uncommon, but not unpronounceable.

    Sylvie Clara Pistachio -- Not bad... Sylvia Claire sounds a little better to my ears, and then Sylvie could be a nickname. But I do still like Sylvie Clara.

    Maple Gwyneth Pistachio -- I cannot get on board with Maple as a first name - a middle, maybe - but I just don't get it as a first. Gwyneth is okay.

    Augusta Scarlett Pistachio -- This is not my style, but I actually really like the combo.

    Ophelia Vivi Pistachio -- I don't mind Ophelia, but I am not a fan of Vivi on its own, or with Ophelia.

    Luna Blythe Pistachio -- I love love love Luna. I really do not like Blythe. It is one of those names that just fall out of the mouth in a blah.

    India Maeve Pistachio* -- Not big on India, but it sounds lovely with Maeve.

    Verdandi Liv Pistachio* -- Never heard of Verdandi, but the Dandy part sticks out to me and doesn't seem appealing as a name. Liv is nice.

    Zuzu Alice Pistachio* -- Zuzu is very cute... for a nick name. There is no way I would stick this on a child and have them grow up to be an adult Zuzu. Please only use this as a nickname! Alice is lovely.
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    tuitree - That's my thinking with Zuzu, too! I don't see how it's any different that Lulu or Gigi. Thank you for your feedback.

    morg215 - I completely understand that our names aren't your style, but I feel the need to point out that none of them are 'yoonik'. They're a little interesting, maybe a little unusual, but they are all spelled correctly. Thank you for commenting.

    collmcc523 and vicioustrollop9 - Thank you both for your feedback!
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