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Thread: Jem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by casilda View Post
    I love Jem as a nickname for James. I've loved it since the first time I read the Anne of Green Gables series.
    Yep, me too!

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    I adoreeee Jem as a nickname for James...James has always been on my list and Jem would be the obvious nickname to me.
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    Yes, love Jem! I used it in a book I wrote as a nickname for Jeremiah.

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    I adore Jem! I honestly love it as a standalone name.

    It's on my own list, and the only long form of it i could see myself using is Jeremy, because all the James's i know have ruined the name for me. But then i like Remy too, and you can't have a Jeremy nn Jem with a brother named Remy.

    Do you think a kid would mind having Jem as a full name? It sounds so dashing to me
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    love Jem for James, Jameson, Jeremiah or Jeremy!

    Super cute!
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